Saturday, January 3, 2009

War? What War?

This week the Economist Magazine talks about the quagmire of Gaza and Israel. Will we have a middle east left? I so liked that part of the world. The breadbasket of civilization.... Seems so uncivilized at the moment. The New York Times, AP, and Reuters all announced this week a major scale back in coverage of the war (the original one- Iraq. ) No mention of Afghanistan or Iran or the Gaza strip. So is the scale back due to lack of interest you ask? Maybe we are just over saturated. Over the top mental bombardment. I thank my lucky stars to not own a TV. The little bit of hotel TV that I watched was for the ADHD crowd. Do I watch the pictures, follow the tele-type along the bottom of the page, or try to follow the stock ticker on the lower left-hand side? TV typically leaves a glaze over so I go to the web. After a triangulation of BBC, API, and Reuters...sometimes the rightwing aggregator Drudgerport my usual suspects for news. We can safely say the world is still fu*#ed up. Darn. It's a the new year and I was hoping for a shiny new start to kick it off..too bad Hamas missed that memo.

I suppose it's time to refill my favorite psychotropic prescriptions as I just ran over my rose colored glasses .

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