Friday, January 9, 2009

An Artistic Legacy

Have you noticed all the native plants recently planted in the once lunar looking landscape of the Art Museum yard ? A witty neighbor recently described this new look as the local "catbox" because of all the mounds of animal waste.
The change in landscape/hardscape really stirred up controversy here in kittycity. Controversy over smart water use and sustainable plantings of local fauna. Local native plant expert, author and design extraordinaire Alrie Middlebrook put much of her time and effort into this project at a highly reduced rate. The results? Amazing. Completely subjective of course but smart from a local ecological point of view, and beautiful because it's artistically designed for you got it, an art museum.

What's not so pretty? Dog poop. Mounds and mounds of it on our new Art Museum landscape. Landscape adorned with plants completely donated. Planted by you guessed it- volunteers. Maybe these dog owners who rudely allow their dogs to defecate on this area surrounding a very public, high visibility town address think they are leaving an artistic legacy behind in the form of a sculpture-d'poo??

We reside in the zip code of designer dog poop bags yet owners can't be bothered to pick up after fluffy...that's f*@#ed up. Not to mention rude.

Do we really need to remind people to do this?
I guess my neighbors can't buy good manners. A dog sweater yes, manners no.


Anonymous said...

I always wonder the nerve of some "dog people." kindalike those who smoke cancer sticks and toss down butts thinking they will magically disapear..

After Xmas vaca at Van Meter, our minions were treated 2 a sea of poop on the soccer field at the first recess.

I would like 2 personally thank those responsible for publically sharing your pet excrement with us.

And leash there anything more futile? U R likely 2 find more MILF spawn on leashes than pooches..

Thank God for those dumb dog purses..

The Buzz said...

Don't even get me started about those dog purses...that could be a whole blog post as a stand alone rant.

Susan B. said...

I have been tempted to post a sign. Maybe this new dog park with the $50,000 astro turf mentioned in The Weekly today will change the amount of poop downtown.

SuzyQScribe said...

We were discussing your quirky blog in my journalism class yesterday at DeAnza. The assignment was to find a mundane subject matter like local politics tackled creatively within the blogshere. Even my instructor liked the Los Gatos Buzz and he hates everything!

SuzyQScribe said...
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