Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bitch Is The New Black

So quit the whining already.

Bitch is the new black. So sorry to say but truer words have never been spoken. When the world throws you a curve ball in the form of well let's say the year we had last year, it's safe to say our battle scars are meant to be bandaged up in Armani (if female) and Zegna (if you're male) toasted with martini's and a french kiss. Oh yeah...that was 1999.

So 2009 is here? Can we break out the good wine yet? Or is it presumptuous of me to think there is anything to celebrate so early in the year? Well, maybe a little wishful drinking will put a pretty smile on every one's face. That and a fabulous pair of high heels and the world is a much brighter place. So as we count down the last days of the Bush administration, I say reason enough to celebrate... make a move for that boutique Zinfandel on the other end of the table... why else was it hidden away in the cellar for so long?

The world is bursting with excitement as Obama waits in the wings.. can hardly stand it. Anticipation of such epic size...Makes the waves at Maverick's look mundane.

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Susan B said...

Yes.Yes.Yes. The 20th can't arrive soon enough. Until then I will remain hopeful but cranky.