Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in The Fold

Winding back into the status quo is always like hoping on the moving sidewalk...your timing is off and invariably you think...feet please don't trip and make me spill my latte, but there you are sporting a big fat coffee mark on your chest. Nice.

The real world came back into full view this a.m. as I headed my guys out the door for school..More like herding cats, but we were off with time to spare and would have even biked to school if it wasn't 44 degrees outside.Weirdly serene to have a moment to reflect upon my to do day. Hey the scattered in fifty directions me is oddly missing. Wat's up? Must be the rebound of holiday time off and away from the rat race. Being on a boat will do that. So how can I lose the zen and get back to my 'ole snotty self? Dunno..just yet anyways. I wish I could say it's good to be back but I would be lying. Off for the weekend. Plans are already baked..too bad I have this extraneous real life weekday thing to deal with. Until then? I will seek out the old me, and try to shake it up a bit this week. Promise.

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