Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cosmic Critter Karma

The experience of pet ownership is something everyone should enjoy. We have ventured down this path more than a few times within the past few years. I have found the quickest way into a community is either a dog or a kid. We scored with both groups. As you know both groups are very very different, either group being overly protective and the other being overly involved unless of course the groups cross pollinate and then you have a neurosis something really different and almost unparalleled in obnoxiousness. I am sure at various times in my life I have fallen into all the above categories.. What makes my experience different?
Maybe bad luck, perhaps poor choices but i think it's more cosmic critter karma. Call it the circle of life, or just dumb luck but pets don't last in my household. First experience; a dog. Well researched, thought out, but ending with the chosen prodigy exiting the scene each and every possible opportunity. The canines' name should have been Bolt because this is what she did at every chance she got. The door only need be open an inch, and you could just say goodbye.
The remedy: a new family for "Bolt." Next came the five fluffy chicks. Cardboard box and heatlamp under the Steinway was about the cutest planet pet game come to life (unlike the Nintendo version.) We painted the hen house pink for the "girls" only to learn that the bobcat that resides in the 'hood enjoys organic free range chicken....and one by one the flock became a lone hen. Hedwig was the lone survivor, following me around like "Bolt" never would. I was smitten. I know, I know- chickens are not too smart. Hedwig however learned to use the doggie door at night and would sleep in the now vacant dog crate. Amortize the investment of dog door, and crate. Win win. Plus everyone slept better being safe and sound, especially Hedwig.

Then the two adopted kitties from the Petco. Our rescue girls, also ended with mysterious consequences. Maybe we live in the Bermuda Triangle of emotional mayhem .
Enter another group of chicks the following spring- yes same story, The weird part this time was the Guantanamo Bay environ..bullet proof. Or so hoped but was not.
Enter another birthday, e voila! Fish. First the Koi outside( raccoon snack) then the small tank and guppies/angel fish and you guessed it- all gone to that big fish bowl in the sky.

The final chapter? Hope springs eternal with a happy ending of the 3rd grade class project involving crayfish. Mr. Claw is livin' large where the guppies once swam. He is both interesting and entertaining ( why we have pets) and I suppose should things go south we could also saute him with a little butter and garlic and be done with it. On the other hand I may end up never eating another crayfish gumbo as long as I live. True love, or just smitten with a crustacean- you chose the byline.

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Anonymous said...

We lost our darling kitty to a preditor this winter. I think it was a coyote or bobcat.. My husband thinks it was the neighbor dog. We are soo sad. Thank you for the sweet animal story. Very touching.