Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lose The Shoes

Wow...the power of the perfect pedicure. My friend Krysten invited me to a mid morning rendezvous...delicious! The perfect spot is tucked neatly behind Willow street. Certainly yelp worthy. Why share the details of such pedantic and pedestrian particulars of day in the life of the local MILF crowd? Well... seems like a shame to keep these delicious details to ourselves. Plus, all of the lascivious email senders should understand that there is an outlet for self indulgence. Sans the callous.

The warm weather reminds us of all things fun and fabulous specifically geared to the micro climate that is ours and ours alone. So ladies, sport the fun foot wear. It's too lovely not to envision spring and what better way then too sport some toe cleavage. Love that! Yes, I know it's only Feb1st but my good friend just jetted home to Maine and ten inches of fluffy stuff...

Fear not. Spring awaits so why not enjoy a windows down, radio blasting bare foot drive thru the hood....

Toe job never translated to T.G.I.F. till yesterday. Thanks Krysten-


Anonymous said...

Ah yes..spring is in the air..soon the velour track suits will be closeted and coin slots, muffin tops, and peek-a-boo shoes will return..

In the mens dept..a tight turtle neck will highlight your gynecomastia a draw attention from your shiney
Lid upstairs..

Anonymous said... favorite type of cleavage. Thanks for the visual.

Susan B said...

I used to love toes in the sand for pedicures, but they have moved. Anyone know the details?