Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lose The Snooze

Observe the back of my eyelids. The new moniker for the Los Gatos Observer. A complete lack of anything news worthy unless of course one considers bundtcake flavors or the opening of a chain restaurant news. Snooze maybe news not. Twitter was recently added but besides being so two seasons ago, it's updated every 19 hours whether it needs it or not. So the Observer-or observe-the-back-of my site is off my firefox tool bar. The coveted position on any browser is here in this virtual toolbox, instead slumming to the LA Times. I like the political coverage the LA Times offers from a statewide view, and the writing is tight. Politico is a great afternoon fix for all things Obama..Yeah! Sorry to gush like a groupie, but if the shoe is custom made then yes...guilty groupie it is. Why can't we have a local voice of day in the life?

The merkynews site is equally sleepy. The Metro is a bit better, The Fly is a wise guy that is fun and insightful. Hit or Miss but more times than not, it's good stuff.
So am I off base ? All is not lost. KFOG streams live so a two-fold save: prominent place on my browser, and my sanity . Tidily takes up the vacancy left from the displaced snoozy local news. Anyone have a better local source, please share.


Susan B. said...

You speak the truth. The local news
as of late is non-existent, or not worth reading. We still enjoy The Weekly but even that is thin.

Anonymous said...

I like your local piece.. Have you ever considered sponsors? Get some local RE whores to spend ad money and you R in??

I agree with u on the observer.. The content has been poop..there is this dude named silverfox blogging on there.. He needs the have his head removed from his poopbox.

As for Obama..u hippy liberals need 2 put away the annointing oil already..he has 4 years 2 fail us.. What the hurry?

Bill_Burton said...

That lousy Observer is nothing but a mouth piece for the ham fisted and stupid.

KellyOberman83 said...

It's always been a sleepy backward thinking town. The population is trending older and the media just keeps getting worse. I have this discussion with friends all the time. The Mercury news is a complete joke, i don't even buy it anymore. I like your nickname of Merkynews.
Sums it up.