Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Economic Stimulus with a Twist

The past weekend spent in Las Vegas was an interesting people watching experience, as I mentioned in yesterdays' blog. But far more interesting was the Studs Terkel like experience of the story telling of day in the life experiences in the current economy. Insight from taxi drivers, bar tenders, showgirls, strippers, and retail sales folks. The surprising answer was Las Vegas like our tony his and her Bentley zip code is not immune to the current downturn. Chronic overspending, gambling and excessive consumption of whatever proclivities one seeks out are all currently affected. Surprised? I was. My most interesting case in point came form a brief but open discussion over a cocktail. My approach of social drinking ala the Studs Terkel technique was an eye opener. Lovely girl at the bar who also happened to be drinking a martini, flash point of the conversation a simple question surrounding personal presence on the vodka libation of choice- hers and mine. She was a great conversationalist who preferred the trade show weekends to any other in sin city. Why? Moon lighting at strip clubs can be a nice tax free way of paying off the ole' school loans as well as supplementing a mundane 9-5 office gig.The plan, plot and drive she took from Newport beach to the LV strip was like hearing a californication version of a short story. She shared with me her fave club for earning extra dough: Sapphire. The largest club of this genre, Sapphire hosts over 400 girls in an evening. Cash money baby. So why not work it for a fun empowering moment in the spot light, flaunt the fun platforms at the pole and clean up like a bandit?

Gives economic "stimulus" a whole new meaning .

The aah-ha moment for me, was the savvy nature my martini drinking friend had. Strictly business. Powerplay to the max. I get it. Where else can women rule- yes I am being completely misogynistic but hey- if the event ever warranted it, it would be here. Cash is king in the city of sin, and my new friend was completely working the system. Wow- all that and brains too? Thanks for the heads up on what clubs to frequent. Love your financial "where -with -all" girlfriend- let's drink to that! You've Inspired me to take a few classes here in the 'hood. One can never have too many platform shoes or new platforms for talents, especially in the current economy.


Anonymous said...

Gotta get creative in today's economy. I like the idea, better job security then my gig at a cafe.

Anonymous said...

You are right on about CES this year. What a waste of time, but oh those clubs and craps table. Saves my sanity every year. People were gambling very conservatively this year, I should have followed suit.

Todd_V said...

Funny insight. I missed CES this year but sounds like I did not miss much at all.

Susan B said...

It's a shame that in this day and age college educated women need to resort to moonlighting at strip clubs. I also understand it's a choice.

Anonymous said...

I say shake your money maker..go out and make a buck .doesn't matter if u r a priest or a prostitute..

And if u r hot..go exploit the weaker sex..smoke em if u got em..