Sunday, January 4, 2009

Local Stimulus Spending

I have a new sort of shopping to suggest as a way to stimulate the local economy. Sympathy Shopping. This can be applied differently depending upon your current psyche at the moment. The first and most well know of the genre is self indulge because you feel awful..this is more retail therapy. The shiny new idea? Consider the lifeline to the local shop owner: sympathy stimulus shopping.
After leaving the worst movie of all time (Bedtime Stories) an easy way to drown sorrows just a short skip down Santa Cruz Avenue: skinny fries at my fave local pub ( I am a Flaherty after all...County Cork...) CB Hennigans. Leaving the theater downtown my skipping point of A to B, three additional businesses have announced store closings. Rumor has it the Gap is on the way out too. No love lost there, unless you really can't live without that poorly designed mass market piece of crap. Did I mention the child labor from Cambodia who pieced it back to the sympathy stimulus shopping idea but again I digress..The local retailer really needs a lifeline. The loss of anymore mom & pop stores is gonna be tough to replace in this current economy so any purchase we can make from our local merchants really will be a lifeline. The food establishments have seen a big slow down too. CB Hennigans was pretty quiet for a Sunday night. So any and all cash spent downtown benefits us one and all. My money is on anything local..starting with coffee at LGRC. Thank god for Mondays!

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me that J.Crew is coming soon. The big box stores keep getting approved for downtown.Not sure why the town government thinks big box biz needs to be here.