Thursday, January 15, 2009

R & R 4 iCon

A sad news day yesterday when announcement of Steve Jobs health concern surfaced. My crush on Mr. Jobs is well known in my own social circle.. My techno-saucy husband Rob, teases me by frequently sporting a black mock neck sweater. My home is a mecca of sorts to all things technology, but a special niche of our hearts part and parcel are apple and apple alone. The news was such a downer to hear, but really after the recent Macworld vacancy...tough to explain away. So with a little R & R (please no Research-but more Rest and Relaxation)..the empire that iSteve built will remain the iconic wet kiss we all savor, we all care so deeply about Mr. Jobs because his vision IS apple. A good friend and fellow Las Gatan shared a funny personal story about Steve Jobs circa the early 70's describing his inquisitive nature, quirky vision and his diet dujour of only raw fruit . Love that: a genius in the making with a bent on being healthy. God speed good health. Stepping off the hamster wheel is a great start.

The planet should applaud the decision to take the time off. His departure from Cupertino is a big bite outta the apple mentality, but it's survived before without him. I just would like to know: Can I deliver a little vegan veggie soup?


Anonymous said...

seems like uber health people always die first or develop cancer then die..or get run over while riding their rode bikes..

and we are often left with the lesser genius (Scully and Amelio) who eat cheesburgers and drink pepsi..and bill the corp to use their own private jets..

rock n roll claimed our Hendrix, Morrison, Garcia..and we are perpetually stuck with Huey Lewis, Eddie Money and Barry Manilow..

we r pulling for Jobs..if it weren't for he and the Woz's ablities a large part of what drives everyone's ego in this town/valley would be null and void..or perhaps displayed elsewhere..

Susan B said...

Can't imagine a world without Jobs at the top of Apple.

macman said...

Never be the same without him as the top dog. Jobs IS Apple.

Anonymous said...

almost cried in my oatmeal this morning. I hope this is not a death sentence to all things designed in CA by apple. That would suck.

J_Jill said...

I share that crush.

stickywicket said...

What's the big deal, geez- the Apple Empire survived when he left the last time. Why the scare??