Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Muse

A lone unicyclist sporting a creative lid and aviator goggles with his latte in one hand and feet afleet as he peddled swiftly thru early traffic off Park Street is the vision that kickstarts my day. The creative vibe of another community is like a magic elixir for me. The weekend mojo of my Alameda hang' on the boat enables me to deal with the brain dead vibe of all things suburban bliss' and lately this IS the kiss of death for me at least creatively.

Case in point. The Renaissance School of Oakland held a children's film festival as a school fundraiser. The venue: the art deco theatre 0n Saratoga street located within the old navel base here on the island of Alameda. Local film makers came to share wares with the audience (mostly the 4-12 yr old crowd.) A few film directors from Pixar, just over in Emeryville came to support the local endeavor with first run film shorts.

The difference? Well first off no behemoth vehicles rockstar clear MILF factor ...and no pretense. Spring is in the air! Money was made! No pomp and powdered noses. Not one single basket of cosmetics or spa services available for auction. How refreshing. LGEF take note please.

The quality and community spirit here made me proud to be apart of this community even if it is only as weekend wannabees. The good news about creativity is that it can be sparked by the most inane things, maybe it's time to learn how to ride a unicycle.


biker said...

Good place to catch a bullet...

Susan B said...

We used to have a filmfest called Cinicats. It was very local.

KenSaiNua said...

You should not throw MILF stones.
Takes one to know one.