Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun & ART with Heart

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Idea-less this year? It's a Saturday this year, so what a perfect evening to enjoy a glass of wine, amazing hors d'oeuvres by Pat Smith and her team Extravaganza. Art. Great Art that directly supports the local Museums of Los Gatos. Unlike other fundraisers, take home a piece of juried art included in the ticket price.

Touch My Heart will be held this year at the Art Museum on Tait & Main. This event was
sold out last year. Truly great art was part of every ticket sold...people took home original pieces which was included in the admission ticket price.

Our Museums offer programs through out the year, including the museum explorer program for
local elementary schools. The caliber of the Art Museum and History Museum raises the bar for the local cultural scene. Supporting the Museums by attending Touch My Heart is a win win for all involved. Tickets are $120.00 available by calling 408.354.2646 . It will be a memorable evening.

The Touch My Heart Theme is "All you need is Love" ...well that and Lingerie is always a sure bet.

Tiny rant coming. And that is that last year St. Mary's Church decided to hold an event the exact same eve as Touch My Heart...after a mea culpa and a year later it's deja do me a favor, just boycott the St.Mary's event on principle.. one time happenstance perhaps, but twice is just plain rude.


Anonymous said...

We attended this wonderful event last year, and the artwork was the biggest surprise. Beautiful and top notch art that now graces my bedroom wall. The caliber of this event last year was unlike anything we expected.

Karen_Kertz said...

Love the idea of this event. Thanks for the heads up!

Maria R. said...

Don't be too hard on St. Mary's. This is the 12th or 13th St.Valentine's dance they've had, and it's always the Saturday before or closest to Valentine's Day. Touch my Heart has NOT always been on the same day. I have attended both events in some past years, and Touch My Heart is the one that moves around. A little coordination might have been nice, but there are enough people in this town to attend both! (I'll be at Touch My Heart this year.)

rcurrie said...

Will U wear the white go-go boots this year pretty please?