Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lose The Shoes

Wow...the power of the perfect pedicure. My friend Krysten invited me to a mid morning rendezvous...delicious! The perfect spot is tucked neatly behind Willow street. Certainly yelp worthy. Why share the details of such pedantic and pedestrian particulars of day in the life of the local MILF crowd? Well... seems like a shame to keep these delicious details to ourselves. Plus, all of the lascivious email senders should understand that there is an outlet for self indulgence. Sans the callous.

The warm weather reminds us of all things fun and fabulous specifically geared to the micro climate that is ours and ours alone. So ladies, sport the fun foot wear. It's too lovely not to envision spring and what better way then too sport some toe cleavage. Love that! Yes, I know it's only Feb1st but my good friend just jetted home to Maine and ten inches of fluffy stuff...

Fear not. Spring awaits so why not enjoy a windows down, radio blasting bare foot drive thru the hood....

Toe job never translated to T.G.I.F. till yesterday. Thanks Krysten-

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun & ART with Heart

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Idea-less this year? It's a Saturday this year, so what a perfect evening to enjoy a glass of wine, amazing hors d'oeuvres by Pat Smith and her team Extravaganza. Art. Great Art that directly supports the local Museums of Los Gatos. Unlike other fundraisers, take home a piece of juried art included in the ticket price.

Touch My Heart will be held this year at the Art Museum on Tait & Main. This event was
sold out last year. Truly great art was part of every ticket sold...people took home original pieces which was included in the admission ticket price.

Our Museums offer programs through out the year, including the museum explorer program for
local elementary schools. The caliber of the Art Museum and History Museum raises the bar for the local cultural scene. Supporting the Museums by attending Touch My Heart is a win win for all involved. Tickets are $120.00 available by calling 408.354.2646 . It will be a memorable evening.

The Touch My Heart Theme is "All you need is Love" ...well that and Lingerie is always a sure bet.

Tiny rant coming. And that is that last year St. Mary's Church decided to hold an event the exact same eve as Touch My Heart...after a mea culpa and a year later it's deja do me a favor, just boycott the St.Mary's event on principle.. one time happenstance perhaps, but twice is just plain rude.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cosmic Critter Karma

The experience of pet ownership is something everyone should enjoy. We have ventured down this path more than a few times within the past few years. I have found the quickest way into a community is either a dog or a kid. We scored with both groups. As you know both groups are very very different, either group being overly protective and the other being overly involved unless of course the groups cross pollinate and then you have a neurosis something really different and almost unparalleled in obnoxiousness. I am sure at various times in my life I have fallen into all the above categories.. What makes my experience different?
Maybe bad luck, perhaps poor choices but i think it's more cosmic critter karma. Call it the circle of life, or just dumb luck but pets don't last in my household. First experience; a dog. Well researched, thought out, but ending with the chosen prodigy exiting the scene each and every possible opportunity. The canines' name should have been Bolt because this is what she did at every chance she got. The door only need be open an inch, and you could just say goodbye.
The remedy: a new family for "Bolt." Next came the five fluffy chicks. Cardboard box and heatlamp under the Steinway was about the cutest planet pet game come to life (unlike the Nintendo version.) We painted the hen house pink for the "girls" only to learn that the bobcat that resides in the 'hood enjoys organic free range chicken....and one by one the flock became a lone hen. Hedwig was the lone survivor, following me around like "Bolt" never would. I was smitten. I know, I know- chickens are not too smart. Hedwig however learned to use the doggie door at night and would sleep in the now vacant dog crate. Amortize the investment of dog door, and crate. Win win. Plus everyone slept better being safe and sound, especially Hedwig.

Then the two adopted kitties from the Petco. Our rescue girls, also ended with mysterious consequences. Maybe we live in the Bermuda Triangle of emotional mayhem .
Enter another group of chicks the following spring- yes same story, The weird part this time was the Guantanamo Bay environ..bullet proof. Or so hoped but was not.
Enter another birthday, e voila! Fish. First the Koi outside( raccoon snack) then the small tank and guppies/angel fish and you guessed it- all gone to that big fish bowl in the sky.

The final chapter? Hope springs eternal with a happy ending of the 3rd grade class project involving crayfish. Mr. Claw is livin' large where the guppies once swam. He is both interesting and entertaining ( why we have pets) and I suppose should things go south we could also saute him with a little butter and garlic and be done with it. On the other hand I may end up never eating another crayfish gumbo as long as I live. True love, or just smitten with a crustacean- you chose the byline.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Bother?

The General Plan is up for a complete review to be finalized in 2010. The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) could actually be more lame and infective than even The Committee Services Committee. Hey- Why throw stones you may say? Well the whole idea of a General Plan Committee was to give the community an organized voice with teeth or was it?? The GPAC group has met a whopping TWO times in the last 10 months...
Lack of Agenda items is a popular reason thrown out. But wait! Isn't the idea of a GPAC to add issues to the local "list" as formulation of the town general plan goes forward? I know what your thinking- why do you even care. Well since you thought the question, I must in an ESP fashion reply. Since my telepathic skills are a bit rusty, I shall just spit it out: The General Plan is the town charter. A legal document that the state of California requires all municipalities to follow.
If every county and city in California is required by state law to prepare and maintain a General Plan wouldn't you think that the process would be taken a bit more seriously here in Los Gatos?
This is completely rhetorical because if the town was placing a huge importance on land use issues and smart growth practices then the precedence for meetings would be to hold them and not have a lack of agenda items. It's extremely insulting to all of those members within the community who do indeed care about land use issues. If no one calls the town on the carpet, the empty agendas continue and when 2010 rolls around, the easy answer will be to push through whatever issues are the hot button points and hope no one makes a fuss.

......and by the way The GPAC meeting scheduled for this evening, you guessed it- cancelled.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's A Mad Mad Magazine World

The news yesterday read like a Mad Magazine piece. The only difference is the following snippets of the seemly unreal were lifted from the front headlines of the BBC news.

No spoofing, these real life stories begged for a new byline , so how could I resist? Only the headlines have been cheeky-fied. Should you have better bylines please send'em.

"Woman gives birth to litter of puppies":The medical team had scheduled a Cesarean section for seven babies, but doctors were surprised when an eighth came out."Lo and behold, after we got to Baby G, which is what we expected, we were surprised by Baby H," said Dr Karen Maples.

" 117 Votes Can't be Wrong" Mr. Blagojevich, who is ignoring his impeachment trial and spent Monday in New York on seemingly every television talk show he could find, complains often about this historic Senate trial. Those watching it unfold were befuddled Monday that he refused to show up."Even if he's proven innocent [of the criminal charges], I don't think anyone will trust him to do his job."In contrast to the Senate, the doors to the House chamber stood open and unattended. House lawmakers adjourned after their 117-1 vote to impeach Blagojevich, and other legislative business has been put on hold pending the outcome of the trial. Are you questioning who held out with the one vote not to impeach? His sister in law... Yes some things never change in politics.

"No Smoking, Even After Sex "
In Belmont, Calif., a quiet Silicon Valley city that is now home to perhaps the nation’s strictest antismoking law, effectively outlawing lighting up in all apartment buildings.

"? " I just couldn't pin this one down- but the choice of using the noun forest vs. bush??
“I feel like a pioneer at the edge of a giant forest,” Chivers said, describing her ambition to understand the workings of women’s arousal and desire. “There’s a path leading in, but it isn’t much.” She sees herself, she explained, as part of an emerging “critical mass” of female sexologists starting to make their way into those woods. These researchers and clinicians are consumed by the sexual problem Sigmund Freud posed to one of his female disciples almost a century ago: “The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is, What does a woman want?”

"It’s enough to make you laser off your VW ankle tattoo."
Brand loyalists love VW, at least in part, because of this authenticity. And here comes a minivan — a minivan! — draped in the mantle of deceit. The 2009 Routan isn’t engineered by Germans, unless you count the ones who used to work for DaimlerChrysler. It is merely a rebadged, slightly rebodied, mildly retuned Chrysler minivan.

" Still Has Communion Money"
Netflix, one of the biggest buyers of online advertising, couldn't find discounted Web ads as of the end of 2008. What does this say about the presumed slump in online advertising? " Boohoo- Is this why they support nothing locally, Cheapskates ?"[AllThingsD] go on, have at... a few new bylines would brighten my day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gung Hey Fat Choy

and another one bites the dust...

The Peabody Gallery is leaving downtown Los Gatos. Bummer. I loved the nostalgic Dr. Seuss artwork and sculpture. Good karma comes to the Museums of Los Gatos in the form of an extended run of it's gallery space on Santa Cruz Avenue.

On a happier note... Happy Lunar New Year

The Year of the Ox, which starts today will be the most peaceful year globally since 2000- (Ancient Chinese secret.) I am very good at keeping secrets but the only peacefulness I enjoy is at the acupuncturist with a ton of needles prodding me to become more zen. Zen is good so I shall embrace the year of the ox.

The global outlook will be helped by the fact that incoming U.S. President Barack Obama was born in a "yin earth" year, like President Abraham Lincoln. French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou are also "yin earth" people. More zen...This is a new generation of leaders. They are more calm, humane and charismatic, so toast to all things calming this Chinese New Year. Peaceful in my household = Club Penguin.

Speaking of humane and charismatic, Author James Vollbracht will speak tonite as an articulate ambassador of communal bliss. 7-9PM at LGHS Theatre. Admission is free, James book Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand, How to Create a Culture That Cares for Kids is an inspiring read. He will also be available for book signing. Not to bore you with the details, but I have expressed a pocketful of exuberance around this little gem of a book in prior blogs. Anyone who needs a pick me up; seek out this book-or you can always seek me out for a Q & A on SSRI's pros/cons...feel good and do good- what's not to love!

....what a way to kick off the Lunar New Year! "Gung Hey Fat Choy"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Muse

A lone unicyclist sporting a creative lid and aviator goggles with his latte in one hand and feet afleet as he peddled swiftly thru early traffic off Park Street is the vision that kickstarts my day. The creative vibe of another community is like a magic elixir for me. The weekend mojo of my Alameda hang' on the boat enables me to deal with the brain dead vibe of all things suburban bliss' and lately this IS the kiss of death for me at least creatively.

Case in point. The Renaissance School of Oakland held a children's film festival as a school fundraiser. The venue: the art deco theatre 0n Saratoga street located within the old navel base here on the island of Alameda. Local film makers came to share wares with the audience (mostly the 4-12 yr old crowd.) A few film directors from Pixar, just over in Emeryville came to support the local endeavor with first run film shorts.

The difference? Well first off no behemoth vehicles rockstar clear MILF factor ...and no pretense. Spring is in the air! Money was made! No pomp and powdered noses. Not one single basket of cosmetics or spa services available for auction. How refreshing. LGEF take note please.

The quality and community spirit here made me proud to be apart of this community even if it is only as weekend wannabees. The good news about creativity is that it can be sparked by the most inane things, maybe it's time to learn how to ride a unicycle.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Party Like A Rockstar

The local teen hang out The Venue was the host to a film crew from MTV last night. The occasion? The band Undergone, as a fly on the wall hipster day in the life film sequence was shot by the New York based Viacom crew for an upcoming "Teenumentary." The ironic thing about all of this? As the Venue barely gets by, with the table scraps from the town budget, a film crew scouts and sets up on the QT that will garner national exposure. Great job Mike Loya and The Teen Center Crew...might this be the catalyst to legitimize the importance of just what the Venue means to the 300+kids who utilize it daily?

The great thing is...this is just the sort of exposure the town could use.. A little cache from the non AARP crowd adds a bit of a knife twist the next time the Venue goes begging (literally) for the town to lend more support for the well deserving age demographic of the under 18 crowd. The town should and could throw a bigger bone to them but it has yet to happen. Nothing like a little national exposure to rub your nose into it. Worthy of much much more but getting by because of need and the creative where with all of Mike Loya and his minions.

As for the band, not only are they great musicians...they are genuinely nice guys for local rockstars (I hope you guys really were old enough to drink those beers I bought you in the airport lounge last week ;)

Congrats to you all for being front & center last night...The mere existence of the Place for Teens is a bright spot in our community, it's just too bad many don't know it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Under The Knife

The state budget crisis looms like a big rain cloud while legislators are scrambling to reduce a deficit expected to surpass $40 billion by next year. While lawmakers in Sacramento have not settled on a plan, government-funded institutions — including schools — are preparing for massive cuts in funding. Effect to the school budget here in Los Gatos? Haven't heard.. It would be nice to know that perhaps movement was afoot to inform the community. Informational meetings would be a great start... I heard from another parent that staffing cuts have been discussed at the elementary school levels. Potentially teachers and classes being reshuffled. Anyone else hear rumblings that may substantiate the rumors? Please share with the class...

The school board website was without mention of any potential reorganization. No mention of how state budget cuts factor in to the local scene. Although the 37 page pdf of the 08-09 budget gives us the following nugget lifted from the report: The 2007-08 local property assessed valuation growth has dropped significantly from 2006-07 levels. This represents a drop from 10% to 5.7% or a loss of $929,000 in local property tax collections. The report fails to offer any true analysis of how the shortfall will be made up.
The budget also outlines 2008/09 district revenues are projected to increase 2.6% with no clear indicators of how or why. Expenses are projected to increase 2.6%, no surprise other than the numbers match. Why the wash? Any accounting wonks out there care to help me out? The most puzzling piece of data from the budget was a projected 4% assessed valuation growth for the school district. If all economic indicators are falling like a knife then where will the potential growth come from?
The proactive approach would be to get the community involved sooner rather than later. Even if it's just a Q & A session to help quell the fears.
Overly optimistic: Always. Gotta be a bright side: somewhere, somehow. Just wish we didn't live in a complete information vacuum.

Could our community be the Truman Show, but with foul weather? Hope not.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Do You Notice In Your 'Hood?

Community is having a safety net with your neighbors. The banana nut muffins that show up on a doorstep as thank you for hosting a recent get-together. Community is parents standing on the corner of hwy 9 & Alemendra street shepherding the neighborhood kids safely across the busy stream of traffic..this is a daisy chain of sorts because it's typically a subset of the same moms, at various corners to act as safety sentries. This two fold approach accomplishes a few key components of community..Lots of kids on bikes and scooters every morning, lots of self absorbed blu tooth heads..a complex cocktail because each has the ability to safely multi-task but too often I notice near misses. Could be the kid on the bike or driver fault..Societal norms have shifted..the sense of responsibility has shifted too or at least the consideration of responsibility mentally has shifted. Someone else/ somebody else will do it.
Every morning I see the same gentleman walking his dog from Bruce Avenue towards downtown. Always out, no matter the weather. Walking stick in hand, yellow lab meandering along the sidewalk. Seeing him and the yellow lab will always be a comforting sight to me. Community means looking out for this guy, and the kids on bikes and moms with strollers. My preachy diatribe is just to remind us to try and lose the "Me First" mentality. Note to self: just be a bit less self absorbed behind the wheel and see how many things you notice today that make our neighborhoods what they are.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Art Meets Wine

With record temperatures and blasting sunshine, what better way to play hooky? I gotta few ideas for you and top of the list: a local winery tour. The round of applause goes to La Rusticana and Oenophile, blond bomb shell Aeilta Leto, proprietress of our wine tour.

A trans formative experience eight minuets from downtown LG. Didn't know such fab offers lived aside the gauche french chateau wanna bee's off of Kennedy Road.? If you have anyone in your life who enjoys wine, but more importantly art and the ascetic of the Los Gatos mountains up close and personal, then this is a data point to file away. The ability to mentally transport to Tuscany and offered as an anniversary gift, birthday gift or just a nice treat for a group of neighborhood friends ( what we did Friday) is yours.

For someone who didn't fall of the turnip truck yesterday, has sailed over 10,000 ocean miles and lived in a handful of globally gorgeous cities- gotta say- this is a must do local experience. Ms. Leto is taking appointments now for private tours so the opportunity is now yours. 408-768.9496, for booking.

Glad to let the cat outta that bag. Some things are just too good not too share.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009


At a recent dinner party, I was asked my all time favorite book. It's almost impossible to hone in on just one, but I was able to come up with just the book. If you are a fan of adventure you won't be able to put this book down. Have I peaked your interest? The book is Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing. As a pretty voracious reader, this book still inspires conversation. I became a bit of an Earnest Shackleton groupie (even though he's dead.) Creepy yes...but the story really is that good, and did I mention true? So a few years ago I happened to be in New York, and there inside the Natural History Museum was the small dingy that was the main transport for Shackleton and his men, The Caird. What timing, what karma. Maybe I shoulda' purchased a lottery ticket, I felt that lucky.

Maybe this dinner party conversation re ignited something, a re found interest and then today I found this recent project at the BBC website. If you are in between books at the moment, this will be a nice surprise.. Enjoy...and let me know what you think, since I never grow weary of this topic of discussion.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pick Your Poison

Sunday sleep fests...whoa! Yes, it's incredibly delicious as of late to sleep in late. What's the big deal you might ask? My sons are early guys-7 a.m. Early but not so obscenely so but on the weekend it's nice to have a little down time in the den of iniquity.

The secret you ask? No, it's not some special ingredient in the secret sauce from last nights' burger's at CB Hennigans (although I've thought about that) it's something much more sinister: The Nintendo DS.

Yes yes...many emails called me a luddite for living sans how hypocritical to have video games. Here's the logic: Games are something with a limited shelf life. They get played at certain times, like weekend mornings, or on an airplane, or even god forbid in the car but unlike television it's not droning on in the background as an omnipresent persona that looms over us spewing the same bad news and spin. The other emails I received inquired if I was concerned of the cultural loss from lack of exposure to TV. You got me there..cultural as in certain social context of a fabric that runs thru most peoples' early years. Historically my childhood thread was the Munsters, Captain Kangaroo, the Addams family, and the Jetsons but then again that genre of kids programing was much more tame or I suppose lame.

So life without a television isn't a complete vacuum.We are huge movie of the first Netflix subscribers so I suppose you pick your poison, and at this juncture it's Nintendo.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jon and Alicia Robertson Rock! If more of us could step up and offer this kind of community goodwill, it could or would be the lifeline for many community members, business or otherwise.

What's this you say- something sweet and gushing? Here on the buzz?

No, I did not fall and hit my head. Most things are tease worthy, but this kind of good neighborly vibe is super infectious and just makes me wanna tell the world (okay my immediate zip code) that good neighbors, like Jon & Alicia.. just good karma? Something much more tangible, because this is the sort of thing we try to instill within our children, and extending this to the community well it's just beautiful!
So henny penny is in hiding today. It's all about feeling the love! Happy Saturday- Check out the offer that Procolor is extending until??

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fresh Air Friday

Ahh its "Fresh Air Friday." The local elementary schools encourage everyone to leave the car at home and bike, trike, scooter or walk to school. With temperatures as of late hovering around 46 degrees early a.m. this commitment takes on a whole new level of dedication. I am a fan of fresh air Fridays, however I am a fair weather follower of this fresh air endeavor. Wimp? Guilty..or just plain lazy. It's much easier to get jazzed about hoping on the bike with beautiful sunshine steaming through the trees and a sunny warm morning to get you motivated. We should applaud all those parents who don the mittens, hats and frosty noses to make the pilgrimage ala zero carbon foot print. I am not worthy but you are certainly due a big hot chocolate from Fleur du cocoa.
But you know who else is equally unworthy? Any driver who can't take an extra moment to slow down and give these bikers and pedestrian's the right of way. I suppose since your children are safely ensconced in your vehicle it's okay to speed to the school drop off line? Are other people's' children less valuable than yours? ( i bit my tongue and didn't lobe the Yukon Xl bomb, stickin' to that 08' resolution) Your time more valuable than mine? Didn't think please slow down. Being a little less self absorbed behind the wheel keeps everyone a little bit safer, and being a good community member requires us to be just that, a part of the community solution to keep every one's kids safe.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

R & R 4 iCon

A sad news day yesterday when announcement of Steve Jobs health concern surfaced. My crush on Mr. Jobs is well known in my own social circle.. My techno-saucy husband Rob, teases me by frequently sporting a black mock neck sweater. My home is a mecca of sorts to all things technology, but a special niche of our hearts part and parcel are apple and apple alone. The news was such a downer to hear, but really after the recent Macworld vacancy...tough to explain away. So with a little R & R (please no Research-but more Rest and Relaxation)..the empire that iSteve built will remain the iconic wet kiss we all savor, we all care so deeply about Mr. Jobs because his vision IS apple. A good friend and fellow Las Gatan shared a funny personal story about Steve Jobs circa the early 70's describing his inquisitive nature, quirky vision and his diet dujour of only raw fruit . Love that: a genius in the making with a bent on being healthy. God speed good health. Stepping off the hamster wheel is a great start.

The planet should applaud the decision to take the time off. His departure from Cupertino is a big bite outta the apple mentality, but it's survived before without him. I just would like to know: Can I deliver a little vegan veggie soup?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taxes-and Undocumented Help- Oh My!

Ouch..The Obama campaign gets spanked. The Richardson resignation was sort of a stubbed toe but this is something more painful. President-elect Barack Obama's choice to run the Treasury Department : Timothy Geithner disclosed publicly yesterday that he failed to pay $34,000 in self employment taxes from 2001 to 2004, a last-minute complication that Senate Democrats tried to brush aside as a minor bump on an otherwise smooth path to confirmation. Nice try. This is not like brushing the crumbs off the table. This is like a spilling a glass of Cabernet and trying not to notice.

So Timothy Geithner paid most of the past-due taxes days before Obama announced his choice in November, according to materials released by the Senate Finance Committee. He had paid the remainder of the taxes in 2006, after the IRS sent him a bill. My question: Why not pay it all off..Mr. President of the Fed ? Just a reminder: this is the guy chosen to lead the nation's economic rescue. Owing taxes as a Treasury Secretary? That's a new one.

The still-unpaid taxes were discovered by Obama's transition team while investigating Geithner's background. Obama's staff told senators about the tax issues Dec. 5.

Geithner, plucked from his job as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to serve as Obama's treasury secretary, told transition officials and senators that he didn't know he owed self-employment taxes when he worked for the International Monetary Fund.

Oh yeah, and about that undocumented house hold help.. yep. It's Zoe Baird and Kimba Woods all over again. Also under investigation is how he came to employ a housekeeper whose legal immigrant work status had briefly lapsed in 2005.

Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus said he still hoped Geithner could be confirmed on Inauguration Day. Yeah, and I still hoped that my skinny jeans fit after the holidays. Sounds like Finance Chairman Baucus and I are dreamers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Economic Stimulus with a Twist

The past weekend spent in Las Vegas was an interesting people watching experience, as I mentioned in yesterdays' blog. But far more interesting was the Studs Terkel like experience of the story telling of day in the life experiences in the current economy. Insight from taxi drivers, bar tenders, showgirls, strippers, and retail sales folks. The surprising answer was Las Vegas like our tony his and her Bentley zip code is not immune to the current downturn. Chronic overspending, gambling and excessive consumption of whatever proclivities one seeks out are all currently affected. Surprised? I was. My most interesting case in point came form a brief but open discussion over a cocktail. My approach of social drinking ala the Studs Terkel technique was an eye opener. Lovely girl at the bar who also happened to be drinking a martini, flash point of the conversation a simple question surrounding personal presence on the vodka libation of choice- hers and mine. She was a great conversationalist who preferred the trade show weekends to any other in sin city. Why? Moon lighting at strip clubs can be a nice tax free way of paying off the ole' school loans as well as supplementing a mundane 9-5 office gig.The plan, plot and drive she took from Newport beach to the LV strip was like hearing a californication version of a short story. She shared with me her fave club for earning extra dough: Sapphire. The largest club of this genre, Sapphire hosts over 400 girls in an evening. Cash money baby. So why not work it for a fun empowering moment in the spot light, flaunt the fun platforms at the pole and clean up like a bandit?

Gives economic "stimulus" a whole new meaning .

The aah-ha moment for me, was the savvy nature my martini drinking friend had. Strictly business. Powerplay to the max. I get it. Where else can women rule- yes I am being completely misogynistic but hey- if the event ever warranted it, it would be here. Cash is king in the city of sin, and my new friend was completely working the system. Wow- all that and brains too? Thanks for the heads up on what clubs to frequent. Love your financial "where -with -all" girlfriend- let's drink to that! You've Inspired me to take a few classes here in the 'hood. One can never have too many platform shoes or new platforms for talents, especially in the current economy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sociological Studies Aside

The city that never sleeps had a pretty sleepy reception to CES this weekend. On the other hand it was the weekend for the Adult Industry Movie awards (AVN) too. A true cross pollination of two extremes heady braniac big brain crowd, and big silicone in latex . What fun! People watching was world class, as the clubs were chalk a block with a combination of the two trade shows..
Sleep was not high on the to do list. I have never been a fan of Vegas.. finding the whole scene sooo yuck. What changed? The Wynn Hotel is rockin and fabulously posh in a good taste sumptuously over the top ala Steve Wynn style..and a quest for the perfect martini (vodka not gin)
Gotta have a focus.

Tangible focus even better. This was like a Pavlovian experience each time we entered a lounge area, I would salivate awaiting my sweating tini glass. All of course in a highly subjective sociological studies approach. Scientifically sociological even. So the winner of my quest: The double helix lounge. Two-fold really. First is the perfectly chilled glass with artistic lemon peel artful wrapped at the edge of the glass, but most important on top of the icy vodka floated a perfect layer of snowy ice chips glistening like delicious little diamonds. Second: The Double Helix is located directly in front of Christian Louboutin Shoes. By far the best lethal visual cocktail of all cocktails. Ouch.

Honorable mention martini goes to the Parasol Lounge at the base of the naturally designed lake. Yes, natural as in "Las Vegas" natural. Mixologist Manuel was a man of amazing natural abilities behind the bar.. Had this been an exercise in finding the perfect Cosmo, this would have been the zenith of cosmopolitan. So share I must; starting with fresh organic cranberries, muddled with fresh lime juice and a splash of Cointreau followed by grey goose vodka (i prefer stolli ) but this isn't my cocktail recipe...yet.Polish with a spritz of sparkling H20- enjoy.

Last highlight : Cirque du Soleil
Zumanity. The Vegas based shows of Cirque have the ability to really polish the visuals and lighting but live music and amazing sound system round out the experience. This production was saucy and x rated along with a stage set and lounge area sporting pep holes in the wall. How can you NOT look? (tini not even mention worthy.)

Friday, January 9, 2009

An Artistic Legacy

Have you noticed all the native plants recently planted in the once lunar looking landscape of the Art Museum yard ? A witty neighbor recently described this new look as the local "catbox" because of all the mounds of animal waste.
The change in landscape/hardscape really stirred up controversy here in kittycity. Controversy over smart water use and sustainable plantings of local fauna. Local native plant expert, author and design extraordinaire Alrie Middlebrook put much of her time and effort into this project at a highly reduced rate. The results? Amazing. Completely subjective of course but smart from a local ecological point of view, and beautiful because it's artistically designed for you got it, an art museum.

What's not so pretty? Dog poop. Mounds and mounds of it on our new Art Museum landscape. Landscape adorned with plants completely donated. Planted by you guessed it- volunteers. Maybe these dog owners who rudely allow their dogs to defecate on this area surrounding a very public, high visibility town address think they are leaving an artistic legacy behind in the form of a sculpture-d'poo??

We reside in the zip code of designer dog poop bags yet owners can't be bothered to pick up after fluffy...that's f*@#ed up. Not to mention rude.

Do we really need to remind people to do this?
I guess my neighbors can't buy good manners. A dog sweater yes, manners no.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lose The Snooze

Observe the back of my eyelids. The new moniker for the Los Gatos Observer. A complete lack of anything news worthy unless of course one considers bundtcake flavors or the opening of a chain restaurant news. Snooze maybe news not. Twitter was recently added but besides being so two seasons ago, it's updated every 19 hours whether it needs it or not. So the Observer-or observe-the-back-of my site is off my firefox tool bar. The coveted position on any browser is here in this virtual toolbox, instead slumming to the LA Times. I like the political coverage the LA Times offers from a statewide view, and the writing is tight. Politico is a great afternoon fix for all things Obama..Yeah! Sorry to gush like a groupie, but if the shoe is custom made then yes...guilty groupie it is. Why can't we have a local voice of day in the life?

The merkynews site is equally sleepy. The Metro is a bit better, The Fly is a wise guy that is fun and insightful. Hit or Miss but more times than not, it's good stuff.
So am I off base ? All is not lost. KFOG streams live so a two-fold save: prominent place on my browser, and my sanity . Tidily takes up the vacancy left from the displaced snoozy local news. Anyone have a better local source, please share.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Marketing Genius

I had an epiphany of sorts..watching a movie recently which featured a fountain found to posses magical healing powers within the water. Eventually word gets around and changes a neighborhood, as people find that drinking from the fountain solves all aliments and magically transforms all who drink from it's stream. The inspiration here? As we deal with the doldrums of after holiday festivities and an economy of doom we should encourage the town government to enlist a local pharmaceutical company to add a little "something" to our fountain water. Just think how this could revolutionize the local tourist trade.
Suddenly the fountain downtown is the new coffee shop. Drinking more water is professed to be healthy, even why not add a little Prozac or Zoloft to the H20..Could be our little secret ( all 29,000 of us) think of it as our own pope in the pizza of local lore. Our mini miracle .
Marketing ideas abound if you just think outside the proverbial box. Perhaps it's time to watch Oscar worthy flicks, my true epiphany.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Extreme Recyling meets Italian Lingerie

The best part of blogging from the LGRC is the close proximity of all the other tables. What fun to eavesdrop on the unsuspecting. No? Got me there...NOT fun because if banter could be any blander, I could bottle it and sell it as a codeine elixir for the insomniac crowd. Once in a while, a great while, some tiny thing will be said that makes my ears perk up. This a.m. it was the round table of men dishing about you guessed it-the fairer sex. Except there was no sex, and not much fodder for the inquiring mind of me. The complaints ranged from overweight wives not taking an interest in them, to the lack of good R rated cinema as of late. Well I definitely agree with the later, but the former statement let's just say these decidedly non svelte men should not be throwing stones.
With a quick look to the left, even without glasses and a few cocktails it would be tough to get jazzed about any of the lot of 'em. So why is it so easy for men to throw stones? Can't say...

Something I can get jazzed about: the gaggle of gorgeous girls coming over to a cocktail party this evening. Thematic party I might add: pre flighting this idea called Tini's & Trade. Martini's mixed with extreme recycling of all unloved things in our clothing line-up. In short it's goodwill meets LaPerla. Not familiar with LaPerla? The utterly fabulous lingerie company of Italian lineage and let's say it's safe to say either sex has not lived until they have experienced this delicious line, but again I digress..... So a few Martini's and a trade of all things from our closets e voila! New wardrobe....If I end up with any G rated pics I may post. Or maybe not.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in The Fold

Winding back into the status quo is always like hoping on the moving sidewalk...your timing is off and invariably you think...feet please don't trip and make me spill my latte, but there you are sporting a big fat coffee mark on your chest. Nice.

The real world came back into full view this a.m. as I headed my guys out the door for school..More like herding cats, but we were off with time to spare and would have even biked to school if it wasn't 44 degrees outside.Weirdly serene to have a moment to reflect upon my to do day. Hey the scattered in fifty directions me is oddly missing. Wat's up? Must be the rebound of holiday time off and away from the rat race. Being on a boat will do that. So how can I lose the zen and get back to my 'ole snotty self? Dunno..just yet anyways. I wish I could say it's good to be back but I would be lying. Off for the weekend. Plans are already baked..too bad I have this extraneous real life weekday thing to deal with. Until then? I will seek out the old me, and try to shake it up a bit this week. Promise.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Local Stimulus Spending

I have a new sort of shopping to suggest as a way to stimulate the local economy. Sympathy Shopping. This can be applied differently depending upon your current psyche at the moment. The first and most well know of the genre is self indulge because you feel awful..this is more retail therapy. The shiny new idea? Consider the lifeline to the local shop owner: sympathy stimulus shopping.
After leaving the worst movie of all time (Bedtime Stories) an easy way to drown sorrows just a short skip down Santa Cruz Avenue: skinny fries at my fave local pub ( I am a Flaherty after all...County Cork...) CB Hennigans. Leaving the theater downtown my skipping point of A to B, three additional businesses have announced store closings. Rumor has it the Gap is on the way out too. No love lost there, unless you really can't live without that poorly designed mass market piece of crap. Did I mention the child labor from Cambodia who pieced it back to the sympathy stimulus shopping idea but again I digress..The local retailer really needs a lifeline. The loss of anymore mom & pop stores is gonna be tough to replace in this current economy so any purchase we can make from our local merchants really will be a lifeline. The food establishments have seen a big slow down too. CB Hennigans was pretty quiet for a Sunday night. So any and all cash spent downtown benefits us one and all. My money is on anything local..starting with coffee at LGRC. Thank god for Mondays!

Bitch Is The New Black

So quit the whining already.

Bitch is the new black. So sorry to say but truer words have never been spoken. When the world throws you a curve ball in the form of well let's say the year we had last year, it's safe to say our battle scars are meant to be bandaged up in Armani (if female) and Zegna (if you're male) toasted with martini's and a french kiss. Oh yeah...that was 1999.

So 2009 is here? Can we break out the good wine yet? Or is it presumptuous of me to think there is anything to celebrate so early in the year? Well, maybe a little wishful drinking will put a pretty smile on every one's face. That and a fabulous pair of high heels and the world is a much brighter place. So as we count down the last days of the Bush administration, I say reason enough to celebrate... make a move for that boutique Zinfandel on the other end of the table... why else was it hidden away in the cellar for so long?

The world is bursting with excitement as Obama waits in the wings.. can hardly stand it. Anticipation of such epic size...Makes the waves at Maverick's look mundane.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

War? What War?

This week the Economist Magazine talks about the quagmire of Gaza and Israel. Will we have a middle east left? I so liked that part of the world. The breadbasket of civilization.... Seems so uncivilized at the moment. The New York Times, AP, and Reuters all announced this week a major scale back in coverage of the war (the original one- Iraq. ) No mention of Afghanistan or Iran or the Gaza strip. So is the scale back due to lack of interest you ask? Maybe we are just over saturated. Over the top mental bombardment. I thank my lucky stars to not own a TV. The little bit of hotel TV that I watched was for the ADHD crowd. Do I watch the pictures, follow the tele-type along the bottom of the page, or try to follow the stock ticker on the lower left-hand side? TV typically leaves a glaze over so I go to the web. After a triangulation of BBC, API, and Reuters...sometimes the rightwing aggregator Drudgerport my usual suspects for news. We can safely say the world is still fu*#ed up. Darn. It's a the new year and I was hoping for a shiny new start to kick it off..too bad Hamas missed that memo.

I suppose it's time to refill my favorite psychotropic prescriptions as I just ran over my rose colored glasses .

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Time Is Now

So, is it too much to put another miracle atop the list of a new year's resolutions/wishes?

Tax on gas would be a great way to skinny in on the low prices, most people wouldn't bat an eye if a little padding was added to the current cost. For the time being OPEC has been castrated, and has lost its power to increase oil and gas prices in the face of a recession which is causing rapidly dropping global demand for crude. But, what the cartel cannot do, bureaucrats can. Tax upon petroleum products is not new . In 1932 when Congress first enacted an excise tax on gasoline the proceeds of the gas tax went into general revenues until 1956. The amount raised each year was used as an informal benchmark for Federal highway spending. The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 established the Highway Trust Fund and stipulated that 100% of the gas tax be deposited into the fund. From 1956 to 1982, the Highway Trust Fund was used solely to finance expenditures from the federal highway program. Highway Trust Fund revenues were first allocated to mass transit in the Surface Transportation Act of 1982, when Congress raised the gas tax from four cents per gallon to nine cents per gallon and dedicated one cent, or 20 percent, of the increase to the newly-established Mass Transit Account. Each time there has been an increase in the amount of gas tax going into the Highway Trust.

Gasoline is now below $1.60 a gallon? Should we wish for $5-a-gallon gas instead? With prices this low, isn't it time to find an alternative to the inflexible 14.5-cent-a-gallon motor fuel and petroleum product taxes now used to fund our highway, bridge and rail projects? Wouldn't a sales tax — based on some reasonable percentage — make more sense? As the economy grows, so would the revenue from this tax, as it does with the purchase of cars and fast food. Without reform, the transportation trust fund will continue to erode, as will our roads, bridges and rails. No one wants that, but where will the money come from? So why hasn't the Governator taken a look at this for California to set the precedence for the nation. Congress put together an advisory group called The National Commission on Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing. The purpose of this Commission is to determine if there will be enough tax money to keep American public roads in good condition. It determined that the deficit between revenue and expense was about $107 billion last year. (If you can't sleep, this is a great website to visit.)

Did I forget to mention the dream I had about the Govenator? No, not that dream of the X rated variety the other one where Governor Arnold Scharzenegger is at the podium addressing the fellow Citizens of the Great State of California, (to be read in an Austrian accent and don't forget to imagine the girly man pinky ring he always sports.)
The time is now for new taxes.. yes you heard that right, I the great republican govenator would see like to see the following legislation help ease the pain of the state checkbook.
Mini-Vans-This is an indirect tax on large families-Specifically bigoted "Pro-8" families. They are over-populating our already stressed planet with religious children and a mini-van tax should curb their overactive libidos. At least until the economy is back on track.

Drive-Thru tax on hamburgers and shakes. If you want to enjoy them you will be paying dearly. They fatten you first of all and second of all, if you eat in your car you will be polluting the environment. "Idling eaters" would be ticketed with double fines.
Double tax for the farmers too...we already know how much pollution those darn cows make. For farmers belching and gaseous cows and hogs could start costing them money if the federal proposal to charge fees for air-polluting animals becomes law. The EPA and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that greenhouse gases emitted by belching and flatulence amounts to air pollution. Really.

I wish I could remember the rest of the dream, but alas it's gone. Give some thought to it the next time you fill up the Yukon XL.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bright Shiny New Year

Ever keep any of those resolutions you make? Me neither. It's always fun to put a little mental muscle into the list making part if only because that serves a purpose of sorts too... mental bandwidth withstanding here's my short list:

I will finish any and all film shorts in the can. there, i said I have to.
I will finish any and all photoshop projects also in the creative inbox on my desk.

I will weed 10% of my digital library (which now tops a hefty 30K images) and find a home in the ether for them..or pawn them off to Getty images.

I will try to be nice.

Less is the new more. Except for fun.

I will make an effort to have more fun.

I will read less news. Is there a parental lock of sorts for this kind of monkey?
I will diversify my itunes list..more jazz less whatever else I senselessly listen to.
I will give my best efforts to being less sarcastic or sardonic.

We know how it all turns out with this new years resolution business but...but I appreciate any and all support. My stick -to- it-tiveness could be better. Goals always seems much more doable in the bright shiny part of of the new year but come next week or next month...what list?