Monday, June 9, 2008

Local Issues in CliffNote Form

As a local mom, trying to juggle all that life throws my way and then some it seemed important to carve a space in the blogsphere to share with the community all that's going on from Town Hall Meetings and Agendas to the local Library and School scene.
Why read, why care? I have a friend who likes to say "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?"
This statement pretty much sums it up. Our community belongs to us. To be informed and to inform others is a neighborly duty we should all step up to.

The beauty and small town charm of lovely Los Gatos needs to be preserved and protected.
No- not anti-growth or no growth measures, more of a careful eye on how and what and who
is doing what in the world of development and building. When I look around my community
I realize that the look, feel and user-friendly nature did not happen by accident.