Friday, October 31, 2008

Every dog has it's day care

As the financial world falls in around us all.. it's interesting to bring new perspective to the recession proof industries in and around silicon valley. Pet waste removal. Doggie day care,
doggie play-care (which I understand costs a bit more because the ratio of dogs to toys and dogs to care takers.)
The U.S. pet care services trade is currently a 40 B dollar industry.
According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA)
Three-quarters of dog owners consider their pet like a child or family member. The most widely expanding segment of the pet product market: dental products. Whitening strips, mouth wash and orthodontic products.
Take comfort in knowing that someone is actually adding these products to a weekly shopping list. Making mental note to self, that fluffy's bad breath needs to be micro managed.

Yesterday while awaiting a green light I sat behind two separate trucks advertising the following services : poop be gone, and  smilin dogs pick-up and drop off service. You might ask drop and pick-up?? Perhaps doggies these days have "play" dates or shopping excursions..or dentist appointments. Feel secure knowing that fido is ridin' around town in some nice looking wheels while sniffing out a new friends bum.

So when people say things like "going to the dogs" it may help to remember the research from our furry friends political action committee which conjures up a whole other vision of fleas but I will bite my tongue for now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheat Sheet

The time has come to throw out the life-line for those too busy or too lazy-
yeah, too lazy seems befitting. Overwhelmed. yeah that too factors in.

So for those too lazy, too apathetic, too disinterested, and can't be goes.

Cheat Sheet for Nov .4th
Pres: Obama
state rep, dist.15:Peter Charles Myers
state senator, dist.15: Jim Fitzgerald
superior court judge: Lane Liroff
school board: Lorrie Wernick. Rosemary Rossi
local town council:  Barbara Spector, Michael Kane
state props:
yes: 1A, 12
local county measures:
yes: measures A,B,C,D

Now that the homework is done, please show up and vote, it's not Chicago where I can vote for you .

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Paid Endorsement

My desk is breaking under the sheer weight of the pile-o-political junk mail. Yes, I know-throw it away... okay maybe read first then pitch . For those of us in the obsessive compulsive camp, it's almost impossible not to hoard the political ads for the fun of seeing the pile grow bigger and  then imagine just how much cash went into the creation of said pile.

The most outrageous of the political mailer: the paid endorsement. We have all received this one.. the slick four color that shows one local candidate winning the endorsements from not one, but ALL of the political parties. Here in Los Gatos, the deep pocket candidate bought up all endorsements in hopes of looking equally electable to all parties casting a vote. 

So what to do with the pile on my desk? I suppose I will weed through it before recycling the forest worth of ads. My concern: that perhaps people don't look as closely as they should to
who endorses who or what and we end up with four more years of more of the same.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guess The Candidate

My favorite quote from the local political scene here in Los Gatos this season- " I voted not to deny." Betcha five bucks you can guess who said it??  

How about the former planning commissioner/council candidate with the worst attendance records?  Hint: same person who uttered my favorite quote.

Who do you think feels a sense of entitlement to the dais of Town Council, simply because he grew up in Los Gatos.

Who has made mention of the ability to "buy" the local election by simply papering the town with signs? Hint: No, it's not Bloomberg, but the sentiment is similar.

Yes, it's all the same...again and again each election cycle. He said she said, and the closer the date to the election the uglier it gets. The crown prince of conceit takes the prize for local pettiness with his Red, White and Blue banners .

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Local Shakedown

After spending a few years in the private school system we made the hop over to the public pool this year. Quite a culture shock, waiting in the car pickup line at the end of the insanely early day.Dwarfed by the sheer number of Yukon XL's ( for you fellow prius drivers, imagine the most gratuitously large SUV then supersize it.) the velour track suit crowd awaits it's minion's while talking to the favored nail tech via blutooth...all the while balancing a Grande double latte, non-fat.

It's the sitcom Weeds without the MILF factor.  Creepier still?? The local school fundraising arm LGEF threw a party/fundraiser last night that felt very pedestrian in  all it's suburban botoxed glory. 

Nothing like being surrounded by baskets of beauty products set up as  silent auction items that seemed to have multiplied like mushrooms in the dark dining room of Trevese. I really never realized there could be so many ways to wrap up a night cream..then charge you hundreds of dollars for the privilege 0f bidding.

Wouldn't it be easier to just host it on line, asking people what they may be interested in, ala public radio style vs. the inane amount of time, energy and cellophane to prop up the event?

I don't mind supporting the local school system. The problem I have is the pre packaged, over the top amount of energy put into something supposedly "community" friendly.  If the greater good really wanted to pitch in, perhaps  a more elegant solution - write a check and leave the beauty products on the shelf of the local spa.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Not Join Us?

The Opera House in Los Gatos will be hosting a meet and greet with Michael Kane this coming
Thursday, October 9th. 7 p.m.
Please join us to learn more about why Michael Kane is the right choice for town council.