Friday, October 31, 2008

Every dog has it's day care

As the financial world falls in around us all.. it's interesting to bring new perspective to the recession proof industries in and around silicon valley. Pet waste removal. Doggie day care,
doggie play-care (which I understand costs a bit more because the ratio of dogs to toys and dogs to care takers.)
The U.S. pet care services trade is currently a 40 B dollar industry.
According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA)
Three-quarters of dog owners consider their pet like a child or family member. The most widely expanding segment of the pet product market: dental products. Whitening strips, mouth wash and orthodontic products.
Take comfort in knowing that someone is actually adding these products to a weekly shopping list. Making mental note to self, that fluffy's bad breath needs to be micro managed.

Yesterday while awaiting a green light I sat behind two separate trucks advertising the following services : poop be gone, and  smilin dogs pick-up and drop off service. You might ask drop and pick-up?? Perhaps doggies these days have "play" dates or shopping excursions..or dentist appointments. Feel secure knowing that fido is ridin' around town in some nice looking wheels while sniffing out a new friends bum.

So when people say things like "going to the dogs" it may help to remember the research from our furry friends political action committee which conjures up a whole other vision of fleas but I will bite my tongue for now.

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