Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Paid Endorsement

My desk is breaking under the sheer weight of the pile-o-political junk mail. Yes, I know-throw it away... okay maybe read first then pitch . For those of us in the obsessive compulsive camp, it's almost impossible not to hoard the political ads for the fun of seeing the pile grow bigger and  then imagine just how much cash went into the creation of said pile.

The most outrageous of the political mailer: the paid endorsement. We have all received this one.. the slick four color that shows one local candidate winning the endorsements from not one, but ALL of the political parties. Here in Los Gatos, the deep pocket candidate bought up all endorsements in hopes of looking equally electable to all parties casting a vote. 

So what to do with the pile on my desk? I suppose I will weed through it before recycling the forest worth of ads. My concern: that perhaps people don't look as closely as they should to
who endorses who or what and we end up with four more years of more of the same.

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