Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guess The Candidate

My favorite quote from the local political scene here in Los Gatos this season- " I voted not to deny." Betcha five bucks you can guess who said it??  

How about the former planning commissioner/council candidate with the worst attendance records?  Hint: same person who uttered my favorite quote.

Who do you think feels a sense of entitlement to the dais of Town Council, simply because he grew up in Los Gatos.

Who has made mention of the ability to "buy" the local election by simply papering the town with signs? Hint: No, it's not Bloomberg, but the sentiment is similar.

Yes, it's all the same...again and again each election cycle. He said she said, and the closer the date to the election the uglier it gets. The crown prince of conceit takes the prize for local pettiness with his Red, White and Blue banners .

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