Monday, October 6, 2008

The Local Shakedown

After spending a few years in the private school system we made the hop over to the public pool this year. Quite a culture shock, waiting in the car pickup line at the end of the insanely early day.Dwarfed by the sheer number of Yukon XL's ( for you fellow prius drivers, imagine the most gratuitously large SUV then supersize it.) the velour track suit crowd awaits it's minion's while talking to the favored nail tech via blutooth...all the while balancing a Grande double latte, non-fat.

It's the sitcom Weeds without the MILF factor.  Creepier still?? The local school fundraising arm LGEF threw a party/fundraiser last night that felt very pedestrian in  all it's suburban botoxed glory. 

Nothing like being surrounded by baskets of beauty products set up as  silent auction items that seemed to have multiplied like mushrooms in the dark dining room of Trevese. I really never realized there could be so many ways to wrap up a night cream..then charge you hundreds of dollars for the privilege 0f bidding.

Wouldn't it be easier to just host it on line, asking people what they may be interested in, ala public radio style vs. the inane amount of time, energy and cellophane to prop up the event?

I don't mind supporting the local school system. The problem I have is the pre packaged, over the top amount of energy put into something supposedly "community" friendly.  If the greater good really wanted to pitch in, perhaps  a more elegant solution - write a check and leave the beauty products on the shelf of the local spa.

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