Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheat Sheet

The time has come to throw out the life-line for those too busy or too lazy-
yeah, too lazy seems befitting. Overwhelmed. yeah that too factors in.

So for those too lazy, too apathetic, too disinterested, and can't be bothered...here goes.

Cheat Sheet for Nov .4th
Pres: Obama
state rep, dist.15:Peter Charles Myers
state senator, dist.15: Jim Fitzgerald
superior court judge: Lane Liroff
school board: Lorrie Wernick. Rosemary Rossi
local town council:  Barbara Spector, Michael Kane
state props:
yes: 1A, 12
local county measures:
yes: measures A,B,C,D

Now that the homework is done, please show up and vote, it's not Chicago where I can vote for you .

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