Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Extreme Recyling meets Italian Lingerie

The best part of blogging from the LGRC is the close proximity of all the other tables. What fun to eavesdrop on the unsuspecting. No? Got me there...NOT fun because if banter could be any blander, I could bottle it and sell it as a codeine elixir for the insomniac crowd. Once in a while, a great while, some tiny thing will be said that makes my ears perk up. This a.m. it was the round table of men dishing about you guessed it-the fairer sex. Except there was no sex, and not much fodder for the inquiring mind of me. The complaints ranged from overweight wives not taking an interest in them, to the lack of good R rated cinema as of late. Well I definitely agree with the later, but the former statement let's just say these decidedly non svelte men should not be throwing stones.
With a quick look to the left, even without glasses and a few cocktails it would be tough to get jazzed about any of the lot of 'em. So why is it so easy for men to throw stones? Can't say...

Something I can get jazzed about: the gaggle of gorgeous girls coming over to a cocktail party this evening. Thematic party I might add: pre flighting this idea called Tini's & Trade. Martini's mixed with extreme recycling of all unloved things in our clothing line-up. In short it's goodwill meets LaPerla. Not familiar with LaPerla? The utterly fabulous lingerie company of Italian lineage and let's say it's safe to say either sex has not lived until they have experienced this delicious line, but again I digress..... So a few Martini's and a trade of all things from our closets e voila! New wardrobe....If I end up with any G rated pics I may post. Or maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! Can I come?