Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bright Shiny New Year

Ever keep any of those resolutions you make? Me neither. It's always fun to put a little mental muscle into the list making part if only because that serves a purpose of sorts too... mental bandwidth withstanding here's my short list:

I will finish any and all film shorts in the can. there, i said I have to.
I will finish any and all photoshop projects also in the creative inbox on my desk.

I will weed 10% of my digital library (which now tops a hefty 30K images) and find a home in the ether for them..or pawn them off to Getty images.

I will try to be nice.

Less is the new more. Except for fun.

I will make an effort to have more fun.

I will read less news. Is there a parental lock of sorts for this kind of monkey?
I will diversify my itunes list..more jazz less whatever else I senselessly listen to.
I will give my best efforts to being less sarcastic or sardonic.

We know how it all turns out with this new years resolution business but...but I appreciate any and all support. My stick -to- it-tiveness could be better. Goals always seems much more doable in the bright shiny part of of the new year but come next week or next month...what list?


Anonymous said...

At least you put a list together. Good luck, and thanks for the funny
local banter.

Anonymous said...

your fans appreciate the sarcastic/sardonic approach..i think you should resolve to bring more..and i agree to cut down on news..there is too much baggage out there to absorb..leave all the combustionable santas in 08 and slide into 09 with a drink in hand and toes in sand...

The Buzz said...

I am glad to hear that someone appreciates a sardonic approach. As much of the mail I receive spanks me for being narcissistic, to which I reply that it's good that you have such a great grip of the obvious.