Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jon and Alicia Robertson Rock! If more of us could step up and offer this kind of community goodwill, it could or would be the lifeline for many community members, business or otherwise.

What's this you say- something sweet and gushing? Here on the buzz?

No, I did not fall and hit my head. Most things are tease worthy, but this kind of good neighborly vibe is super infectious and just makes me wanna tell the world (okay my immediate zip code) that good neighbors, like Jon & Alicia.. just good karma? Something much more tangible, because this is the sort of thing we try to instill within our children, and extending this to the community well it's just beautiful!
So henny penny is in hiding today. It's all about feeling the love! Happy Saturday- Check out the offer that Procolor is extending until??

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