Monday, January 12, 2009

Sociological Studies Aside

The city that never sleeps had a pretty sleepy reception to CES this weekend. On the other hand it was the weekend for the Adult Industry Movie awards (AVN) too. A true cross pollination of two extremes heady braniac big brain crowd, and big silicone in latex . What fun! People watching was world class, as the clubs were chalk a block with a combination of the two trade shows..
Sleep was not high on the to do list. I have never been a fan of Vegas.. finding the whole scene sooo yuck. What changed? The Wynn Hotel is rockin and fabulously posh in a good taste sumptuously over the top ala Steve Wynn style..and a quest for the perfect martini (vodka not gin)
Gotta have a focus.

Tangible focus even better. This was like a Pavlovian experience each time we entered a lounge area, I would salivate awaiting my sweating tini glass. All of course in a highly subjective sociological studies approach. Scientifically sociological even. So the winner of my quest: The double helix lounge. Two-fold really. First is the perfectly chilled glass with artistic lemon peel artful wrapped at the edge of the glass, but most important on top of the icy vodka floated a perfect layer of snowy ice chips glistening like delicious little diamonds. Second: The Double Helix is located directly in front of Christian Louboutin Shoes. By far the best lethal visual cocktail of all cocktails. Ouch.

Honorable mention martini goes to the Parasol Lounge at the base of the naturally designed lake. Yes, natural as in "Las Vegas" natural. Mixologist Manuel was a man of amazing natural abilities behind the bar.. Had this been an exercise in finding the perfect Cosmo, this would have been the zenith of cosmopolitan. So share I must; starting with fresh organic cranberries, muddled with fresh lime juice and a splash of Cointreau followed by grey goose vodka (i prefer stolli ) but this isn't my cocktail recipe...yet.Polish with a spritz of sparkling H20- enjoy.

Last highlight : Cirque du Soleil
Zumanity. The Vegas based shows of Cirque have the ability to really polish the visuals and lighting but live music and amazing sound system round out the experience. This production was saucy and x rated along with a stage set and lounge area sporting pep holes in the wall. How can you NOT look? (tini not even mention worthy.)


Susan B said...

Thank you for the recipe of my favorite cocktail. Where on earth do they find organic cranberries?

Dice86 said...

I too hate Vegas..but I like the concept of it. It's just become too family focused for me to enjoy any more. The Wynn hotel is about as classy as you can find although The Venetian is very nice too, all suites.