Saturday, January 24, 2009

Party Like A Rockstar

The local teen hang out The Venue was the host to a film crew from MTV last night. The occasion? The band Undergone, as a fly on the wall hipster day in the life film sequence was shot by the New York based Viacom crew for an upcoming "Teenumentary." The ironic thing about all of this? As the Venue barely gets by, with the table scraps from the town budget, a film crew scouts and sets up on the QT that will garner national exposure. Great job Mike Loya and The Teen Center Crew...might this be the catalyst to legitimize the importance of just what the Venue means to the 300+kids who utilize it daily?

The great thing is...this is just the sort of exposure the town could use.. A little cache from the non AARP crowd adds a bit of a knife twist the next time the Venue goes begging (literally) for the town to lend more support for the well deserving age demographic of the under 18 crowd. The town should and could throw a bigger bone to them but it has yet to happen. Nothing like a little national exposure to rub your nose into it. Worthy of much much more but getting by because of need and the creative where with all of Mike Loya and his minions.

As for the band, not only are they great musicians...they are genuinely nice guys for local rockstars (I hope you guys really were old enough to drink those beers I bought you in the airport lounge last week ;)

Congrats to you all for being front & center last night...The mere existence of the Place for Teens is a bright spot in our community, it's just too bad many don't know it.


Anonymous said...

what we need is the venue to sponsor bigger gigs that can be held in the school gym..have the kids pay $5 bucks for real bands that donate their shows for causes..raise some $$ and build a skatepark..get kids from outside los gatos to come to these events and spend their money..once a month, 6 times a year..?

$make money$

get sponsors who want to sell things to youth..and take their money.

if jazz on plazz can do it so can venue..

i can book cursive..

Susan B said...

My kids loved the time spent daily at the outhouse as it was so named way back 5years ago. The town has always looked the other way when it comes to funding.