Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pick Your Poison

Sunday sleep fests...whoa! Yes, it's incredibly delicious as of late to sleep in late. What's the big deal you might ask? My sons are early guys-7 a.m. Early but not so obscenely so but on the weekend it's nice to have a little down time in the den of iniquity.

The secret you ask? No, it's not some special ingredient in the secret sauce from last nights' burger's at CB Hennigans (although I've thought about that) it's something much more sinister: The Nintendo DS.

Yes yes...many emails called me a luddite for living sans how hypocritical to have video games. Here's the logic: Games are something with a limited shelf life. They get played at certain times, like weekend mornings, or on an airplane, or even god forbid in the car but unlike television it's not droning on in the background as an omnipresent persona that looms over us spewing the same bad news and spin. The other emails I received inquired if I was concerned of the cultural loss from lack of exposure to TV. You got me there..cultural as in certain social context of a fabric that runs thru most peoples' early years. Historically my childhood thread was the Munsters, Captain Kangaroo, the Addams family, and the Jetsons but then again that genre of kids programing was much more tame or I suppose lame.

So life without a television isn't a complete vacuum.We are huge movie of the first Netflix subscribers so I suppose you pick your poison, and at this juncture it's Nintendo.

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