Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Marketing Genius

I had an epiphany of sorts..watching a movie recently which featured a fountain found to posses magical healing powers within the water. Eventually word gets around and changes a neighborhood, as people find that drinking from the fountain solves all aliments and magically transforms all who drink from it's stream. The inspiration here? As we deal with the doldrums of after holiday festivities and an economy of doom we should encourage the town government to enlist a local pharmaceutical company to add a little "something" to our fountain water. Just think how this could revolutionize the local tourist trade.
Suddenly the fountain downtown is the new coffee shop. Drinking more water is professed to be healthy, even why not add a little Prozac or Zoloft to the H20..Could be our little secret ( all 29,000 of us) think of it as our own pope in the pizza of local lore. Our mini miracle .
Marketing ideas abound if you just think outside the proverbial box. Perhaps it's time to watch Oscar worthy flicks, my true epiphany.


ModSquad said...

I like your blog. It's amazing to me
that you can find local inspiration to blog daily. The fountain idea would certainly help me change my outlook.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea, but does the fountain even work now? The fountain next to the library is a big dry bowl. Maybe we could let the skateboarders use it, at least it would not be the eye sore it is now.