Friday, January 16, 2009

Fresh Air Friday

Ahh its "Fresh Air Friday." The local elementary schools encourage everyone to leave the car at home and bike, trike, scooter or walk to school. With temperatures as of late hovering around 46 degrees early a.m. this commitment takes on a whole new level of dedication. I am a fan of fresh air Fridays, however I am a fair weather follower of this fresh air endeavor. Wimp? Guilty..or just plain lazy. It's much easier to get jazzed about hoping on the bike with beautiful sunshine steaming through the trees and a sunny warm morning to get you motivated. We should applaud all those parents who don the mittens, hats and frosty noses to make the pilgrimage ala zero carbon foot print. I am not worthy but you are certainly due a big hot chocolate from Fleur du cocoa.
But you know who else is equally unworthy? Any driver who can't take an extra moment to slow down and give these bikers and pedestrian's the right of way. I suppose since your children are safely ensconced in your vehicle it's okay to speed to the school drop off line? Are other people's' children less valuable than yours? ( i bit my tongue and didn't lobe the Yukon Xl bomb, stickin' to that 08' resolution) Your time more valuable than mine? Didn't think please slow down. Being a little less self absorbed behind the wheel keeps everyone a little bit safer, and being a good community member requires us to be just that, a part of the community solution to keep every one's kids safe.


runner_girl said...

I dodge cars everyday I choose to run. People are so busy talking on the phone and not driving.

Maria R. said...

Ooh, don't even get me started. Everyone who drives an SUV should get out AT LEAST once a week and walk all their local errands with their kids. Maybe they'd suddenly realize how it looks on the other side of that behemoth grille!
As someone who walks more than drives, I come close to being hit monthly. I can't believe how many SUV drivers roll slowly thru the stop sign, looking only to the left for cars, then turn right thru cross walks with nary a glance for a pedestrian. The mantra I've tried to drill into my kids' heads: Always assume cars are only looking for other cars. Assume you are invisible. Sad, but true.