Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Can

Just when you think the weather can't get any worse, mother nature sends a curveball. With the car packed and the skis mounted like a plastic trophy atop of the pious prius it's the mental mantra: not rain, not sleet nor snow shall keep us from the slopes...unless the very real possibility of road closures.

Plan B, head to the boat...equally stormy with gusts of wind up to 45knots. Worry knot of angst slips away when we take a cozy refuge with the boat at the dock, until that too breaks away at 4;00 am. That feeling of being invincible is a fleeting one, so no matter how sheer tenacity plays out it will always be trumped by mother nature, tied to a dock floating out to sea.
It's always amazing to be gently reminded of just how little affect we can make when it comes to the great outdoors. Be it Pebble Beach, North Shore Tahoe or the SF Bay.. Stay dry today, and if you make it to the slopes, send me an email...we are making a plan to make a plan but feeling a little less than bulletproof.

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