Thursday, February 26, 2009

Act Now

The economy is bad when the pharmaceutical company's start sending sweet emails with rebate offers attached.

To augment my argument- Restylaneusa [parent company: medicis aesthetics] would like me to send off the box tops of this injectable spa product to collect 150 dollars. Typically the spa crowd isn't the same crowd clipping coupons or sending in rebates, but who trying times it's tough to say. It harks back to those nostalgic daze of collecting the cereal box tops for the prized piece o crap. Thinking back to the code decoder ring from Fruity Pebbles still pisses me off that it took a lifetime to finally ship..remember in child years 6 to 8 weeks was literally a big chunk of lifetime.

Not familiar with the product of which I describe? It's the backbone of the medspa crowd for filling in facial folds, wrinkles and most commonly lips. You really didn't think Angelina Jolie had a recessive gene did you? Should you seek out these enhancements, seek out Ms. Lynn Bartels. She trains the best and brightest in the use of these products and has an artistic eye unparalleled in the biz. How do I know? Suffice to say it's on a need to know basis.

So if you see me sporting the pole dancer (hey I resemble that statement) big pouty lip look you will know that I have succumbed to the sweet song of the pharma marketing dept.

Is it wrong? No, I suppose a little local stimulus helps my own "stimulus."


Maria R said...

Everyone has to make a living, I guess. But I put most plastic surgeons, fertility doctors, and drug dealers all in the same category. They tell us they have the answer to making us happier. We pay, they profit, we suffer because it really wasn't the answer. No thanks! But if it's all in fun and you can take it or leave it, I guess there's no harm. I just need to stay as far away from that arena as possible.

The Buzz said...

I agree Maria.. I forgot to mention that I also receive marketing emails from Viagra too but don't use that product either.