Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Local Treasures

Spring is around the corner, and soon warm weather and open toe shoes which means the summer concert series that are quintessentially Los Gatos soon to follow.

The dynamic duo of Valerie Hopkins (Music in the Park) and Teri Hope(Jazz) are the tour de force behind Music In The Park, and the Wednesday evening Jazz in The Plazz series. Both of these women are icons of local philanthropy and without what they do for much of the year we would not have a seamless entertainment source here in our own backyard.
So my thoughts go out to the sultry summer scene that awaits. The organizing and fundraising these two women spear head is impressive and is to be applauded.

Can events be "too" successful? Apparently the town government thinks so. The town has strong armed the events in the past, and only the sheer force of elegant will from the organizing forces of each music venue succeeded by it's own gumption.
Why would the town government mess about with such bellwether good juju? I have my own theories, but most likely it's because an over paid staff member feels the need to micromanage.

Teri was instrumental in forming Los Gatos Music and Arts (LGMA), a registered 501(c)(3)non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, nurture, develop, and produce educational programs, scholarships, concerts,and other artistic programs which promote music and the fine arts for the benefit of the community of Los Gatos. LGMA is a primary funding source for The Museums of Los Gatos and A Place for Teens. More on this new union to follow in another post.

Support is always welcome and you would be in great company supporting these fine events which now fall under the umbrella of Los Gatos Music and Arts. Barbara Spector just wrote a nice fat check to the tune of $5,400(monies she had left over from her campaign.) How's that for leading by example? Thank-you ladies, we are so lucky! Warm fuzzies abound.. We can feel the love for these ladies who really do embody a sense of community spirit and philanthropy unparalleled.
Thank you Arts Commission- This looks to be a kick-a*s season once again.
2009 Music in the Park line-up
June 21 "” To be announced
June 28 "” Tom Petty tribute performed by The Refugees
July 5 "” Mark Russo and the Classy Cats play big band sounds
July 12 "” Carlos Reyes on harp and violin
July 19 "” Santana tribute performed by Caravanserai
July 26 "” Houston Jones performs Americana/country
Aug. 2 "” The California Beach Boys tribute band
Aug. 9 "” The Unauthorized Rolling Stones tribute band
Aug. 23 "” Led Zeppelin tribute performed by Led Zepagain
Aug. 30 "” Journey tribute performed by Journey Unauthorized

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Jonathan Knowles said...

Strong Arm may be a bit too strong a term IMHO. This last year we have made significant positive changes in the way that the Arts Commission and Los Gatos Music and Parks works with the town. And, it is getting better all the time!

MIP is still produced by the Arts Commission(i.e. the Town) this year while the town council considers the benefits of moving it to Los Gatos Music and Arts for the 2010 season.

Thanks CC. This year's MIP and jazz concerts are going to be great!

Jonathan Knowles
Arts Commissioner and Co-Chair, Music in the Park

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Los Gatos Music and Arts and Co-Chair jazz on the plazz