Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is Glickman The Grinch?

I have a big guilt trip at the moment, shall I share? Before I headed North for the mountains I left a mountain of library books in the boot of my Mini. No biggie you say? Cha-ching...a weeks' worth of over due fines could mean a boon for the financially strapped library. So in the spit in the face spirit of my guilt, I propose we all as a community commit to overdue books as a solidarity movement against the grinch like vice of Glickman and all that dark cloud discussion about another costly petition drive.

My stir the pot attitude embraces the ability to use political activism for bringing an issue to the fore front. I may not agree with recent petitions we have experienced in our community, but the ability to organize with a message is indeed powerful. The problem is the message this time harms more of the community than it professes to protect. Organizers of the most recent petition drive will try and rally Los Gatos voters to put a measure on the ballot seeking to curb the town council's ability to spend money on capital projects. It could directly impact the town's plan to build a new library.

The initiative's organizers(Glickman and his mineons ) are calling it the Capital Expenditure Public Oversight Act. Feb. 2 a "notice of intent to circulate petitions" was filed with the town clerk's office. Initiative supporters need 1,871 registered voters to sign the petition for it to get on the ballot. Steve Glickman repeatedly voted against the library before leaving the town council last November.

Mr.Glickman said the initiative would not prevent the council from making appropriate budget decisions. "But when [spending] reaches a certain threshold, it requires voter approval." Funny- this seems to fly in the face of what that last initiative Glickman tried to strong arm us into.. but i digress. The meat of the initiative seeks voter approval for any facilities costing $15 million or more and in which the town's investment would exceed $5 million. The other threshold is $7 million for facilities that would be built and funded exclusively by the town. Seems smart in this global financial mess we all find so distressing? Not if you examine where the monies come from and where (poof!) they may disappear to. Approximately $16.72 million of the cost would be covered by redevelopment agency funds ($14 million from a new RDA bond issue), with $1.66 million coming from the town's general. RDA monies will go back to the state.
It really is a use it or lose it scenario.

Dark rain clouds seem to follow this former town council person who was publicly shamed because he was caught violating Code of Conduct Policy and repeatedly boo-hooed about the lack of a skate park. Why is this relevant you ask? It's not...I just enjoy the opportunity to remind you, and refresh any details should you seek refreshing. Hint: Mr. Glickman is the poster child of offenses of Town Code of Conduct (Resolution 2004-59) repeated ethics violations.

When I return from Spring Break and settle my debt with our library, perhaps we will have the "Currie Wing" of the new library financed..wishful thinking. In the mean time, The Friends Of The Library are worthy of our time (and donations..)


Jonathan Knowles said...

Once again Steve Glickman, a sad, lonely, paranoid, petty little man-- who has been publicly shamed on numerous occasions-- is throwing a vengeful, demented tantrum in an insecure fit of rage against the residents of Los Gatos. We really have had enough of his shenanigans.

He is clearly determined to "get even" with the town that ran him out of office.

The Buzz said...

Ouch..I pass the dominatrix boots and whip to you Jonathan.. Maybe he just needs a ball gag. Thanks for the comment. CC

SusanB said...

Glickman is a harmless blow-hard who feels the need to feed his huge ego and inflict his malice upon the community projects that appeal to many vs. his narrow view of his myopic world

Anonymous said...

why waste your breath on this loser?

Jonathan Knowles said...

Good point Anonymous. We should focus on what our library contributes to our community. The Los Gatos Library Blog is a great place to see some of the important ways in which our community takes advantage of this wonderful resource.

Check it out: