Monday, February 23, 2009

The Little Film That Could

A night of glitz and glamour...We watched the awards last night from the bar at Restaurante Ducca in The City. Weirdly enough the hotel lobby boasted a bevvy of beefy adolescent girls attending something that reminded me of Tigerbeat magazine meets Princess party. But more on that later...
The highlight of the evening of course is that modern-day fairy tales due indeed come true, and last night Danny Boyle and his little indie film "Slumdog" drove that home in such a fantastic way. The little film that almost went straight to video, but was picked up by Fox Searchlight Films grossed only 98M vs. big gun Hollywood hit Batman of almost 600M.

My all time fave modern film American Beauty was unseated by Slumdog. From a film wonk perspective the editing alone won me over, but the beautifully crafted story and happy ending- well go big or stay home...Could not have been a bigger triumph of good vs. evil. It's a David & Goliath moment in a day and age of global mess, Mumbai in all it's glory and poverty trumped last night. The other triumph: Sean Penn and his exceptance speech for best actor. Shaming those who chose to support Prop 8, it was a lovely moment for prickly pare Penn. This is why I love him.

Bling bling my heart, best dressed last night: my yummy hubby french cuffed deliciousness and Zegna. Gotta run, room service awaits..

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