Thursday, February 19, 2009

Midnight Arm Wrestling

“This might be the end for me” politically, said Sen. Abel Maldonado, who cast the deciding vote to end deadlocked budget in Sacramento today......

Our own 15th district Senator is the poster boy for change: Sen. Abel Maldonado our Republican senator received assurances that lawmakers would support an election reform that makes it easier to vote moderates into office. In return, he cast the vote that ended a three-month budget deadlock that threatened the state’s financial solvency and gave new meaning to the phrase “political polarization.” In the end, a deal was done.

Looks like the "lock down" all-night negotiations in Sacramento worked. In short it means California will probably resolve its $42Mbudget shortfall (raising taxes on consumption) and by cutting spending( $11M from education.) The state has delayed thousands of construction projects, required furloughs of government employees, and saw its credit rating fall to dead last among the 50 states.

If, as expected, the Assembly approves the budget, and if the Govenator signs it, as he has said he would new tax hikes will kick into effect – about $13 billion worth in all. Californians will pay an additional one cent in sales tax for every dollar spent on merchandise and services, raising the tax to 8.25 percent. That’s the highest rate in the nation.

“This vote assures that it’s not the end for the people of California.” quoting Maldonado. No Senator, just for you...might be time to polish off the ole CV and get a hair cut.

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