Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey Jump in!

Swim my stream of's not so bad once you're in.
Lately my brain is swimming in so many different directions that I have decided today is a perfect day for a matinee movie. Nothing like playing hooky in a dark theater, solo. Love the simple pleasure of enjoying a movie for the sake of sanity and a rest from the ebb and flow of everything mental. Oscar nominee movies abound, and no I have yet to polish off the list but when I get in a mental funk the best antidote is a brainac documentary or better yet a foreign film...Gotta really pay attention. Plus the lighting always seems better in cine sans english.

Perfect pitch timing on the movie jones. The San Francisco Indie film fest kicked off it's 11th season yesterday. The website has delicious deals: the festival runs thru the 22nd. Fret not local cine fans not wanting to make the trek into The City as we have a seamless transition to the local San Jose indie filmfest Cinequest on the 25th running films until March 8th.

The quality and quantity of local cinematography makes me happier than a handful of Prozac.

Filmfest passes and movie bios can be found at

Any suggestions forthcoming on anything rent worthy is always welcome. The Nixon/Frost film was well done, and inspired me to rent the original interviews available on DVD (thx Netflix)- yes, it's true I really know how to have fun. David Frost was a cuff linked early crush from my elementary school years. Seeing the movie simply reinforced those pigtailed memories of a time when others had crushes on David Cassidy and Donny Osmond.

Once weird, always weird: guilty...breathlessly guilt.

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SusanB said...

I remember the frost Nixon interviews. It was a big deal to watch at that time with Nixon so pathetic and the American mentality so bruised. I am going to rent the DVD set since it made such a huge impression upon me then.
Doubt was a great film this year. Revolutionary road will haunt you and should get best picture. Just my always humble two cents.