Monday, February 16, 2009

Cosmic Comic

How could presidents day get any better than reading commemorative comic books? As a nine year old my crush on the incredible hulk lead me to believe that big guys could be softies, and just because you get blasted by gamma rays doesn't mean that you lose your sense of humor or sense of style. Bill Bixby as the 70's version of my hunk of a hulk was what Farah Fawcett was for the other camp.
What's not to like with a new presidential holiday offering “Gettysburg Distress,” as a new six-page adventure featuring Captain America and Spider-Man as they witness Abraham Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address. The comic, written by Matt Fraction with art by Andy MacDonald, will be available online at
Marvel Comics will commemorate Amazing Spider-Man No. 583, in which the title character meets President Obama. That issue, which went on sale Jan. 14, was the top-selling comic book in January. On Feb. 25 President Obama will make two more Marvel comic book appearances. In Savage Dragon No. 145, written and drawn by Erik Larsen, Mr. Obama returns to Chicago, the home base of the title superhero, who helps provide security for the visit. In issue No. 8 of Youngblood, about a group of government-run heroes, the president puts the finishing touches on the team’s new roster.
Mad magazine may be gone,or at least the version that I adored. Politics and the punch of Captain America means that comic books have come a long way, and I have an excuse to purchase them for my children as my own guilty read slope side. A toast to Stan Lee and Marvel Comics and happy reading.

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Oh no you've got it all wrong...Superman was the star!