Friday, February 27, 2009

My Name Is: Priti Manek

TGIF. Let's lighten things up a bit. As we wait for the markets to cease the back flips for stimulus monies forth coming a little levity might bee the mental Burt's bees (chap stick metaphor) we all need. The BBC had a really funny article about unfortunate names.

The case of the name was changed to protect the innocent did not seem to occur to any of the following People:
Sue Mee
Pearl Button
Jo King
Barry Cade
Carrie Oakey
Tim Burr
Justin Case
Barb Dwyer
Stan Still
Rose Bush.

It sounds like a bad joke, but a study has revealed that there really are unfortunate people with the above mentioned names in the UK. Yes, it's true...we can't take credit for all of the stupidity on the globe. Just a bit. Just imagine having to introduce yourself to a crowd as Doug Hole or HazelNutt. I would hope that a line item exsists in the parents' financial spread sheet to cover therapy as the teasing would never end.

The names were uncovered by researchers from parenting group based in the UK after trawling through online telephone records. When the parents of some of those people mentioned named their children, many probably didn't even realise the implications at the time. Spare a thought for Anna Prentice, Annette Curtain and Bill Board the next time you sign your name. The brits don't hold the bag on this: a string of Americans also have very job-specific names, including Dr Leslie Doctor, Dr Thoulton Surgeon and Terry Bull, Paige Turner, Mary Christmas and Anna Sasin.

All of this nonsense is reminiscent of Sunday morning shtick Click and Clack. But the research is more upsetting because the researchers who uncovered these catchy names actually assume these oblivious parents will access a baby website? I suppose dental care might be high on the parents list too so we have the perfect referral : Dr. Les Plack - a dentist in San Francisco.

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I like Priti Manek...she's a fine bunch of gals.