Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hooray 4 YSI

Twelve weeks ago the community had a 911 call from YSI. The great news is that the community rallied and the goal was met this week. Our local spirit of philanthropic endeavors is alive and well. One family kicked in a $5oK pledge..But I was surprised that in this well heeled community that takes a no holds barred approach at putting it's well manicured foot on most things civic only this one large gift. No complains or rants, just surprise. Assumed or hoped that we would see more of that scale of grandiose giving. Well thank you one and all, large or small. The goal was met. Long live science! Summer schedules are available online and the ability to make class e-reservations for local educators also available on line. A little love note for you: If you pledged to the Campaign, please watch your email or regular mail for a pledge payment notice. Fulfill your pledge by mailing a check to YSI, 296 Garden Hill Drive, Los Gatos, CA 95032; payment by check saves the credit card processing fee.
Or, fulfill your pledge commitment online by clicking this link. You can also call in your credit card information to 408-356-4945.


Maria R. said...

The upside of the YSI rescue (with only one major donation) shows that it has the very wide support of lots of ordinary people like my husband and me. Most of us can't write the big bailout check, but we all can do something. And we didn't all wait for someone else to do it. Yea!
I can only imagine that there will be several more organizations struggling to survive this year....

Anonymous said...

Great news...I suppose that means more obnoxious fundraisers from the LGEF.