Friday, February 20, 2009

Ross Creek Review

Last year a monumental environmental decision was passed down by the court concerning a local California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) case when a superior court judge overturned the approval of the development proposal on Ross Creek. The judge specifically noted “that the record contain[ed] sufficient testimony from local residents both at public meetings … and in timely written communications” to determine that the project may have environmental impacts that have not been adequately addressed. The time you took to write and appear before the planning commission and town council paid off.

A consultant for the town will now prepare an environmental impact report to assess the proposal and determine if the environmental impact can be reduced. On March 18th the town will host a “scoping meeting”. The meeting will allow community members and the planning commission to raise environmental concerns, ways in which the project impact may be minimized and potential alternatives to the proposed project. Please save the date, and attend with any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks to everyone for their community activism and continued concern.

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