Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What The Locals Need: New Sunglasses

As I sit with my coffee this a.m. and stare out across the street from the LGRC, the corner of Main St sports the wrapping of brown paper on the windows of our old antique store .

The newest addition to our retail pool: sunglasses.

Well we all know how I feel about the faux pas of this past seasons' fashion disaster of the white sun glass look. Perhaps these folks with the brown papered windows took note of the Channel bug-eyed and wanted to stage an intervention for those fashion victims or maybe just the leaseholders have a big trust fund. Weirdly not open at T-Minus nine days till Christmas? A time when over 40% of mom and pop businesses make up for any revenue speed bumps part and parcel to the holiday shopper. Why not capture the shopping highlight of the year?? Open sooner rather than later?? Plan for the uglier than expected 1st quarter woes that all the talking heads are predicting.

Why ask why? Well, inquiring minds wanna know about this cozy corner real estate that I had envisioned as well, maybe another cool antique store. Vintage clothing? Would keep me from spending my money over at my fave vintage store 23 skidoo in Campbell.. but alas no hip vintage retail here in the 'hood. But we may have many new bespectacled 95030'ers.

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