Thursday, December 4, 2008

Out Source

The holiday season is molesting my sense of what's within the parameter of normal... Baking cookies for a neighborhood cookie decorating party seemed like a good idea. 200 cookie cut outs later I should have could have farmed the job out to India but the turn around time was not sufficient for tomorrow eve's soiree here at Casa Currie as 20 neighborhood kids descend to decorate cookies with 30adults in tow to have a few glasses of holiday cheer after the lighting of the tree.
But the fact that many people are out sourcing so many things got me thinking...
what could I out source in NAFTA'esc holiday spirit? Scheduling, volunteer work, maybe a few meetings that could be tele-conferenced.

Never before have I been spread so thin.. but then again never before have I had the phone ring with so many return phone calls from painters, contractors or you name it-job to be-done..

Could be the big R word bantered around...but IT is uncanny how much is getting done around my own household as never before. The list of projects has not gotten smaller over the last year or two-until recently. Being apathetic became the vibe of the day, month, year because I would set up appointments and either workers would not show, or even return a phone call to cancel an appointment. Even with a quote in hand my list remained unchanged so I figured it was hopeless unless I was willing to sport a tool belt. I need to draw the line somewhere, and although I can work wonders with a staple gun there's only so much you can do with staples.

Magically, things have gotten tackled on the list just within the last few weeks. So I say, bring on the R word. If it's enabling me to whittle down my list of project and stimulate the local economy then bring it on. If however the work can't be done locally there's always outsourcing.

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