Friday, December 19, 2008

Make Mine XL

The hanging chad, home to that loaf of a rat, warm weather, and snow birds squeezed into shorts. It must be FLA.
After paying soo much for such a horrific day I am thinking about trading my masochistic tendencies for something a bit more sadomasochistic.
After a day at WDW- I can't even say it let alone type it, so yes that place in Orlando with the hip Monorail. A single thought in my brain running like a loop- no more corn syrup for any of you. The lot of you are cut off.... no more soda. Since that is all that is to be found here in the land of the corporate rat, lots of soda or if you prefer midwestern "pop."
Whatever it's called my svelte LG neighbors, it's causing obscene obesity.
The mental morsel that I have learned during my day at the magic kingdom- being a
"key" demographic is to arrive with one's own wheels. This means you are either the stroller crowd (in the stroller) or the motorized wheel chair crowd...cutting the crowds like a butter knife. With wheels the world of Disney is your oyster...many people outside of those two demographics also sported wheels, but this was more of a morbid obesity issue.
btw- adult strollers all sported drink holders, XL size.

Last time I had a disney experience it was Euro.... with a metro stop outside the gates and great Bordeaux by the glass served with a great grilled cheese (sorry my French friends I meant Croque Monsouires.)

Of all the insular places on the planet, you would think with the compound style living that is WDW, Sans vehicles, public transportation everywhere- but what can't be found here? A simple glass of vino. This is masochistic. A just reward for such a martyr-model of parent hood not available and it's not because I didn't seek it out.

So why the sour grapes? I fell asleep in the cab this eve and forgot my phone in the back seat.
So between the self pity and stupidity I have a terabyte of anger to work thru. Hence my post.
Should I ever return to WDW I will sport the motorized wheels, and in the cup holder a nice Rose'

Happy Holidays! Not.

p.s. should you find my phone, enjoy the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

be sure you stop at EPCOT (every person comes out tired)..