Thursday, December 18, 2008

Karmic Bliss

What's the best thing about having good babysitting karma? Monday eve with a holiday cocktail in hand, and fun smart witty girlfriends to chat with.... Nirvana. Chatting with these girls is like an imaginary eraser wiping away all that inane vision of a day spent picking up cherrios.

Yes it's a gift to spend time with my family. Yes it's a treasure to work on a few small film projects take photos and occasionally get paid for them.. but all in all life with the 6 and under camp remains a boot-camp experience.

So when you have an "om" moment and find yourself at The Black Watch with darts in one hand a cocktail in the other please remember that you have left the mommy hat at home.
The gurrl posse wants to talk about things outside of the kid/school umbrella.
Consider a few options if you are grasping for straws:
-Can you believe Pelosi and her coddling the big three?
-Obamas' choice for the secretary of education. Smart choice?
-Bernanke in over his head?
-Larry Summers the controversial former World Bank chief economist, former Treasury secretary and former Harvard president, now named as director of the National Economic Council can u believe it?
-The farcical story du-jour of Illinois Governor with the bad hair piece-
(that's gonna make him a hit in the big house.)
Any of these are fine cocktail fodder in my guesstimation..
Ladies.. Polish off the fine knack of conversation. It's merely misplaced not lost.
Way back when my guys were toddlers, I hosted Political Salons on Sundays in our artist loft in downtown SF. Parents would pontificate on John Kerry or John McCain(back when he really was a maverick) kids would ride tricycles 'round and 'round the Steinway in concentric circles leaving perfect tire tracks upon the black cement floor (sans helmets, something the suburban set would find shocking.) This is a fond memory of mine and the baby set.
We all would enjoy an afternoon of discussing the worlds' political problems while toddlers parallel played sans micro management.

Mimosas and afternoon naps for everyone!

Now I find that time with a toddler mom invariably discussions go south quickly, and not about fun stuff like the best bikini wax in town. Were talking right off the deep end- what preschool is best? which one is gonna teach my 3 year old to read and critique Tolstoy by summer break. Sometimes as these discussions drone on I imagine placing my head in the oven ala Sylvia Plath style. Just put me outta my misery..not another potty training story.

My own standards must have been similar not that long ago.. remembering I just wanted the crayons my toddlers were coloring/eating to be non toxic, preferably an organic non toxic non china brand.
No one ever wants to admit it. The deep dark secret of running screaming from the house, immortalizing my favorite Martin Luther King Quote "Free at last, free at last, thank god I am free at last." No?
I know it's tough to switch gears so maybe envision your psyche as a tiptronic transmission ala hubbies' Porsche- a smooth shift to the brianiac part that's a bit rusty and leave the domestic goddess at home next time. Unless of course it's the potty talk of the adult variety- then I seek you out no matter how lousy your dart game.

C'mon throw some darts, and enjoy the good karma cause you deserve it!

btw-I am on east coast time...not really 4 am in my time zone

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