Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get a Leash for That Monkey on Your Back

A cocktail party discussion about the current state of local government got me thinking
about why more people don't get involved.
The last election was ugly on so many fronts. Personal attracts from vengeful individuals did more than taint the process of involvement. The discussion that prompted this post was simply questioning the who, what and why of the back biting and how intimidating it was for those not indoctrinated into the local muck.
Love of community simply isn't enough to quote the conversation.
Many local business owners ended up taking the heat as well. Dumb.

If those with a grudge can't move on and move out then it's really going to narrow
the scope and quality of those getting involved.

The tiny world of our myopic political world can't expect new blood if it scares away, intimidates, or just plain turns off those wondering and willing to serve.

The answer? I don't have's the conversation that was the catalyst to make the argument that if we don't get more people involved then the smear tactic's work and we all suffer the consequences.

Currently there is a planning commission seat open. The political maneuvering and smear work was heard loud and clear when Michael Kane wasn't re appointed. The short answer: No one stepped up. Could be the scrutiny has disgusted those within the community.

I don't have a magic 8 ball, crystal ball or even a voodoo doll (which would resemble a certain sunburned local politician: or is that high blood pressure?) so no easy answers, epiphanies or rants.

For those petty individuals that can't let go of the past or keep their egos in check a perfect Christmas gift: a leash for that monkey on your back...
not good to walk around with that kinda angst.

Lots of possibilities to get involved. Many of you emailed ideas on getting
the town to embrace recycling...all good ideas but we gotta get involved.

Ideas are just that without someone to execute them.


Anonymous said...

execution is key..but you got to take steps...MLK said take the first step, not the whole staircase..

who do you recommend for the planning commission opening?

The Buzz said...

dear noreply.. when you send me comments I can't verify or answer because of the "anonymous."

Other "anonymous" using your yahoo account is fine, or whatever that was, just realize that I won't post off color remarks no matter how cute.

Susan B said...

If I could discuss the local scene in great detail it would make your head spin. Maybe I will look you up at the LGRC.. You should have the FULL story.