Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back To The World Of Snore

Back to the world of the suburban snore. As if my sojourn to the state of the hanging' chad was a wet dream ala the Greenwich village (with corned beef on the side and a big slap of sunscreen.)
The most painful of this snoozy beach's the corporate food scene ala chili's, Chevy's,TGI friday's, did I miss anyone? Cocoa Beach was sweet, drivin' down the A1A rocks my world, with it's fabulous funky surf scene. The buff surfer scene over whelmed by the rat a tat tat crowd (the town council should hold a moratorium on ink). Although these tattoo shops are everywhere and seem to be recession proof.

I didn't realize people still smoke and sun bathe... simultaneously. ouch.

The concept of returning to the land of blow dry & botox scares me at first, but then I remember the small fish bowl in which we to return and stir the pot....or be bored to tears.

Since most of the pulse of my tony zip code are involved in tennis matches or rehab. Sucks to be me- since I don't belong to either social group...yet. Sorry my tiara is in the toy box, shall I dust it off for new years eve???

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