Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Ten

After a pretty crappy day, I needed to make a list of  local things to be jazzed about. Local items just for the fun of enjoying the moment. Not a big cash outlay- just thinking about them makes the world a little brighter.
10.  Cheese Fondue from The Wine Cellar enjoyed outside
9.    A glass of  Testarossa Pinot Noir
8.   Buying free trade coffee beans from the Los Gatos Roasting Company
7.    The Martini at Valeriano's
6.    The Martini  at The Carter's on Wednesday evenings Los Gatos Social Club
5.     Reading The Los Gatos Weekly
4.     A walk through the Got Art? gallery
3.    Tabbouleh and hummus plate from Cafe De Flore
2.   Matinee Movie at  The Los Gatos Cinema
1.    Hot Chocolate from Fleur de Cocoa

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