Monday, December 8, 2008

Live a Little

Sloth like today way too much holiday cheer last night or perhaps the weekend in general. The morning was spent in San Francisco, my 'ole stomping in true holiday fashion
and dressed in festive black I spent the morning at Tartine, catching up with my oldest and dearest friends. The aftermath of ingesting copious amounts of alcohol can only be truly fixed with an equal part of butter which is why Tartine comes into play.. and although I no longer live in the 'hood it's always a cozy reprieve from the world.

As much as I love our suburban oasis it is nice to have a change of scenery from the his and her Bentley crowd of the wonder bread zip code. This refreshing change was cemented by the Muni rides around town and the train ride home to pick up my car.

The juxtaposition from sleepy sloth to throwing down 'tini's, dancing on the table, and generally being obnoxious - all things di rigour for a eve in the city, not so well tolerated here in the burbs
should be a requirement for those of us in the "large mortgage/kids/furniture " subset if only to revive the memory of life before all that responsibility was heaped upon our heads.

So for a to-do list of all things adult, make a a mental note: Start out with cocktails @The Elbow Room, or Bar Tartine, a bite to eat anywhere within the block on Valencia is a sure score, shopping trip for toys of the adult variety from Good Vibrations, live music at Slims and a night cap of table dancing with an entirely different crowd at The Stud. Dream a little dream- have fun because life is way to short to be so suburban white bread 365 days of the year.

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