Monday, December 22, 2008

It Stays!

It was announced without much fanfare that lucky Los Gatos keeps it's community hospital with a new owner.
El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, a nonprofit organization has agreed to buy the real estate and other assets to be determined from Community Hospital of Los Gatos from HCP Inc., a Long Beach-based health care real estate investment firm.
The new owner will pay HCP $45 million for the real estate.

Earlier this year it was announced that the Hospital would shut it's doors. Weirdly enough no outcry came forth from the community.
About this time last year my Leadership Los Gatos class attended a day of class hosted by the Community Hospital. We had an opportunity to talk about the role the hospital played within the community. The most memorable quote from this Q &A session was the CEO telling us the type of client sought by the hospital. It was wrapped in the pretext of where advertising dollars were spent. When asked why the ad budget was so highly targeted we were told "because we don't want "those" people from our community and the surrounding areas of San Jose at our hospital. " Nice community spirit. Inclusive, oops I mean exclusive. What I found so offensive was a lack of apology to the class from a so called community leader.

The great news is we keep an important community service within arms' reach for 911 events like the time my son thought swallowing quarters was a replacement for a piggy bank.

Let's applaud the decision of El Camino Hospital. You might be the one who seeks out service and will be relieved to have the option so close at hand and available to all who need it.

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