Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Art That Will Rock Your World

The museums of Los Gatos have knocked the proverbial ball outta the
park with this one. The Painterly Paintings exhibit is about amazing
as ever offered. Never been to the Art Museum on Tait and Main?
Sucks to be you...this is a gem of a spot that is a true historical
building here in town the first firehouse to be precise with a
professional team - curator extraordinare Catherine Politopolos
and from Montalvo Executive Director Elke Groves.

The quality of the exhibits? It took well over a year to piece this
show together said Curator Catherine Politopolos, much like herding
cats. But the results are nothing short of extraordinary.
Thank you Catherine your herding skills have paid off.

Look no further for a gift giving idea: pick up the exhibit catalog, add
membership and wrap with a bow- tahdah...instant hit and a boon to the
local art scene. The kind of Karma we all need right now.

The Got Art Gallery will only grace our presence downtown for
two more short months...If you have yet to stroll through, now is a great
time to see local art at it's finest and most affordable. The
popularity of a handful of local artists make nice portfolio
pieces...those of you heavily vested in underwater stock? Real estate
portfolios dropping in value like a rock.... this could be the perfect
time to diversify but I digress from the true message today: go see
the Painterly Paintings exhibit. The hours and background can be found

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