Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friends Don't Let Friends

Today as a memorial top ten list, I offer you the local list of Bad Taste 2008 ala Los Gatos:

10. Driving a Yukon XL
9. Velour track suits
8. Actually wearing a blutooth outside the privacy of your vehicle
7. Ugg Boots
6. tee shirts with logos
5. Using plastic bags from the store
4. Using paper bags from the store
3. Drinking Non-local wines
2. Talking on your phone incessantly (take it to the car blutooth
head) and OUT of Trader Joes'
1. Wearing White sun glasses

The local look that needs to be deep sixed in '08?

It's the MILF sporting the velour track suit and uggs with the blutooth headset
sitting in the school car pick up line
in her Yukon XL, while sporting white sunglasses.

Only in our zip code. Sorry to throw stones, but friends shouldn't let
friends /spouses/ girlfriends sport this look.

The good news... the economy needs a little stimulation, so go shop.
Just make it local. And please, don't add to the current local "look" by purchasing any of the above mentioned items. In doubt holiday gift givers and secret santas??? email me and I will be your idea bank.


The Buzz said...

To all of you who sent angry emails, thank you! But really... If I had nothing BUT nice to say it would'nt be fun to read or would it??
AND there really is nothing nice to be said about the current local fashion scene which is the sweatpants crowd or the white sunglass/velour workout ensemble. Still offended?
perhaps not reading my blog would help.

Anonymous said...

this is not an angry email..because i can accept the fact you are joking..

however, the hateful ways displayed in your words about other's reminiscent of good old fashioned racism..

you should approach the "MILF" in the Yukon XL and make may be totally suprised at how much in common you have with this individual outside of you exterior shells..

The Buzz said...

oooh- the snarkiness continues. For the suggestion that I make friends with the velourtrack suit- Yukion XL drivin crowd please understand that to actually MAKE friends with someone there needs to be a shared value system. I can't embrace the local MILF crowd because I have almost nothing in common with them other than an expensive haircut. Yes I knoew that too puts me in the MILF subset but ya gotta work it where ya can.